Vegan Taco Dip

June 27, 2014

I missed blogging! How are you all doing? I hope well. I made the decision to use my summer, the toughest time for interpreters to find work, to continue to blog on a more advanced level. So what does this mean for all you, beautiful people? More food, better web design, and great new features!




I have been waiting for the day that this would happen but never expected it to come so soon. As most of you know, I run my 24/7/365 Sign Language Interpreting agency, Sunrise Interpreting Services, full time and have very little time between that, working out in the field as an ASL Interpreter myself, having a family, blogging, travelling, etc. Summer time is my golden time. I get to take advantage of the free time to do all I wish.


I know one day Sunrise will grow enough where free time seems impossible but I can hire several more employees when we get to that point and that would open up jobs for my d/Deaf community. I will hire hearing, too, but the point is to open up doors where doors were nonexistent.


Back to the blog talk: I have created a new theme matching my logo, which soon will be refined by the designer who also refined my agency’s logo—I hope. I, also, added wonderful features such as, email subscription, amount of servings per recipe, time is takes to make recipe, and difficulty level of the recipe at hand. The feature with servings, time, and difficulty level is visible on each post but is also featured on the homepage. This was done so that those who are looking for a fast, easy meal to make for a certain amount of people, you can scroll on through and find what you are looking for without scrolling through endless recipes before getting annoyed and ordering takeout.


Fear not, solutions for everything have arrived! Give me some time to unravel everything and you will be very pleased I promise. For now, enjoy this delicious and easy Vegan Taco Dip! This is great for parties or family dinner.


P.S. You may notice a slight difference in the way I will be writing my recipes from here on out as I will be following the correct, professional way to write a recipe as I did for my book “Real Simple Summer”. I never thought to use that on my blog but I think it will be easier for me to facilitate the recipe as it makes it more concise, easy to read, and simple to follow for those that want to make the recipes at home. I am only thinking of all of you. Smile!





Vegan Taco Dip


Miss having tacos with real good flavor? In bite size bits, you can appreciate this smooth Vegan Taco Dip that you can feel good about eating AND sharing!



Prep time: 10 mins

Cook time: 20 mins

Total time: 30 mins

Serves: 8








  1. Chop up peppers. Spiralize onion. Add to a large bowl with corn and black beans. Unpack the tofu chorizo and throw into the bowl. Combine until mixed well.

  2. Lightly grease a large pot with oil. Throw mix into pot. Simmer on medium-low heat. Sprinkle seasoning. Mix well and cover for 10 minutes.

  3. Uncover pot and remove from heat. Scoop about a cup of your taco dip into a glass bowl for serving. Cover the pot to keep the leftovers warm.

  4. Serve chips on a colorful plate with the taco dip in the middle.




  • You can serve the rest for yourself, others, etc or refrigerate for up to 2-3 days.

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