Valentine’s Day Mantle Décor

February 5, 2017

Yay! The day is getting closer and closer: Valentine’s Day. I love it. All the hearts. All the love. All the pink. Weeee. Conversation hearts for some Valentine’s Day Mantle Décor madness and we’re off!


After we contemplated on using conversation hearts for our Valentine’s Day Mantle Décor for so long, we finally did it! Little sweet, sugary hearts everywhere.



Wedding Favors + DIY Projects


There were so many different things that my wife and I chose to do ourselves for the wedding; it’s overwhelming! To see some of those projects, click on any of the links below to see the sneak peak into our Tuscan Winter Wedding.



This all took a lot of work for the wedding to be of utmost success. And, of course, I want to share everything with you. I can’t wait to talk about them all here on the blog, plus much needed to be talked about wedding night stories!


Ampersand History


We love the ampersand (&). It’s more of a logogram, really. A symbol representing the conjunction word “and”. The ampersand doesn’t have its own speech sound; though we know to automatically recognize it in our mind as the word “and”. Gosh, we’re so smart.



The history behind the & is very interesting. A slave from the mid 1880s who was forced to write letters in Latin began using & to represent the word “et”, which is where the conjunction word “and” comes from.



Wedding Ampersand


The same ampersand seen in the pictures is from the wedding. To us, it means so much more than just and. It means her and I, forever. Estefanía & Marylex. Doesn’t that have such a nice ring to it?



We used it for the sign-in table at Cooper’s Hawk Winery. It was amazing. Corks all over the table, a Sharpie & an empty mason jar. Check it out here: Wine Cork Guest Sign-in Table.


Conversation Hearts


Since the beginning of time, we have always talked about using conversation hearts for our Valentine’s Day Mantle Décor. Every year, we have ended up doing something else instead. We’re just not down with grabbing $6 bag of candies that we’re not going to eat. Since we’re just going to watch them dry up over the course of a month, it never seemed reasonable.


Ahhhh…my sweet Dollar Tree, fulfilling my decoration needs. We walked right into the store, hand in hand and made direct eye contact with an entire shelf full of happy bags of conversation hearts. You should’ve seen us. We were like children at a candy store. You would think we were going to eat the bags right there to the face.



What’s funny is that we really aren’t going to eat them! They’re just so cute. We bought two bags to fill mason jars around the house, more specifically for the mantle. Later on in the week, we grabbed another bag because we wanted to make cute little valentine gifts that we could give away. With candy, sugar & rose oil, we made the cutest Conversation Heart Sugar Scrub.


Hurry and snag some bags of conversation hearts before your local Dollar Tree runs out! C’mon, I’m just kidding. Out of all the Valentine’s Day things they’ve got going this year, I highly doubt they’ll get rid of conversation hearts all together. But, you never know. So get there. Stat.





Valentine's Day Mantle Décor


Little sweet, sugary hearts everywhere for the perfect Valentine's Day Mantle Décor made of the original conversation heart candies.



Prep time:  5 minutes

Work time:  10 minutes

Total time:  15 minutes










  • Russian gift boxes*

  • Ampersand (light up decorative art)

  • 2 AA Batteries



  1. Pour ¼ cup of conversation hearts into each mason jar. Top with a white votive candle, or in the color of choice. We had some stored away in pastel colors: pink, yellow, teal, purple, blue & green. White works just fine.

  2. Place mason jars at different angles on your mantle.

  3. Add gift boxes, candles, and additional artwork in empty areas matching with the corresponding colors.

  4. Install AA batteries in your light-up ampersand decorative art. Place where you desire.

  5. Use your conversation heart foam stickers as table scatter and scatter ½ of the bag all over your mantle. Using the other ½ of the bag, peel back the paper of of the stickers and paste directly onto your pillar candle. (These can be peeled off and discarded after the holiday.)

  6. If you have any other Valentine's Day decor that will beautify your mantel, go ahead and add it! Everyone's mantel always ends up being unique.



* We were lucky to find a pack of two conversation heart Russian gift boxes. If you don't have access to this at your local store, go ahead and improvise.

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