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Tree Bark Side Table

May 10, 2016

A long time ago I saw the cutest pin on Pinterest. It was a chair or a side table made up of a piece of tree bark and metal legs. I pondered on how to make this for quite a long time but I also didn’t find it fitting to our home or lifestyle. It was just one of those pins you throw up onto one of your boards in that Pinterest cloud somewhere. And there it stayed for months on end. Plus, it was one of the ones that have a dead link so I’d never know who, what, when, where, how or why.


After the purchase of our first home, our taste in design changed quite a bit. Surprising, huh? Especially considering how stubborn I am. We were moving into a house that had all wood floors on all three levels. Wood floors were not something that I ever liked. Too much wood made me feel a little bit funky. I had to marry them though so I had to find a way to love them because I don’t have the type of money to uproot the floors of the entire house.



I have always liked the “modern” look. I never felt the modern look could include any farmhouse fashion. Yet, now that I know that’s not true, our home in the woods is slowly but surely becoming a beautiful modern farmhouse. The perfect addition to this? A beautifully handmade Tree Bark Side Table. One or two? Who knew! But THIS project was the beginning of something new.


Thanks to our best friends, Melissa and Chris, we were able to figure out how to make this DIY happen. We went scoping for wood by their house. They live in the country so that’s very easy to do. We found the perfect spot and grabbed the best looking tree stump in town! It might seem difficult to pick up a piece of wood bark somewhere, but; I promise it’s not as hard as it looks. Trust me, there’s tons of tree stumps laying around just waiting for you to pick them up, recycle them and turn them into something better.


Now that we’ve done this once or twice, I literally see dumped pieces of tree bark all over the place!! My wife has to tell me that we don’t need another piece of wood so that I could drive past it and not want to put over to the side of the road and pick it all up. For as long as that pin had been up on my board, I had no idea how I would even get my hands on a piece of wood thick enough to make the perfect Tree Bark Side Table. I’m so ignorant sometimes. Ignorance is not bliss.


I have already made two of these and I am SO stoked about seeing others make this project as well. I had most of the materials in my possession already for the exception of the stump and the IKEA side table. All in all, it cost us less than $10 to complete the whole project. Just the IKEA chair/side table alone cost $4 and a little birdie told me that it’s currently on sale for less than that. Don’t tell the birdie I told you! If you don’t have an IKEA near you or you’re not a fan of walking the maze inside the store, you can install any legs you’d like.


Where will you put your freshly new Tree Bark Side Table? I placed one on the porch in between two wooden chairs we just love. We always like to sit in the front of the house and watch the sun set. It’s a beautiful thing to have the sunrise at the back of the house and the sunset at the front. If we have a cup of water or a glass of wine in hand, it typically has to stay right there where you have it, in your hand. I swear that it really irks me so I knew I had to figure something out and our new table was the perfect addition. Having applied for layers of polyurethane clear gloss, our Tree Bark Side Table is completely weatherproof—waterproof, snowproof, wine-proof!


The house is slowly coming together in completing itself. Are you a homeowner? So far we are about 4 to 5 months into homeownership and we are loving it. Sometimes it’s frustrating because we want to accomplish more than what we can chew but we have to withhold ourselves back and leave certain projects for another time. How long did it take you to bring your home to life with a flavor of your family?





Tree Bark Side Table


A beautifully handmade Tree Bark Side Table just the trick. This will enhance your home in the woods or countryside with a hint of modern farmhouse.



Prep time: 2 hours

Work time: 6 hours

Total time: 8 hours

Makes: 1 side table








  1. Find the perfect tree stump for your project. It is preferable that your piece of bark is already dead so that it does not have to dry out.

  2. Measure your stump at about 4 inches of thickness. Using your electric saw, cut a slice of bark. Sand down the top and bottom of your tree bark slice until smooth. Set aside.

  3. If your stump was alive, let dry for a few days. If your stump was dead, get to work!

  4. Open up your can of gloss. Paint a thick layer on one side. Allow to dry for one hour. Repeat three more times. Turn slice over. Repeat again on the opposite side.

  5. Now that your chair is dry, get the legs from your MARIUS table with the corresponding screws. Using your drill at a low speed, install legs on the bottom side of your slice as per the instructions on the IKEA manual.

  6. Voila! Put your side table or chair wherever you'd like.



  • This is an all-day or one-week project, depending if your stump was dead or alive at conquest.

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