Travel Tip Thursday: How To Cruise With Royal Caribbean

April 7, 2016

As a sign language interpreter on the move, I worked a lot with Royal Caribbean and other cruise lines to provide interpreting services for those traveling. It was an amazing experience while it lasted. I made a decision down the line that it was important to work on my life and my family. Because of this, I stepped aside from my business world travels being consistent to being sporadic. Most assuredly so, if I’m on a business trip you can bet your money on it that my wife will be with me. This makes it easier to run our businesses and keep our goals on track! Unfortunately, this meant no more work cruises for me because I can’t take her with me on a cruise.


While cruising, I learned so much about the tourism industry as well as How To Cruise with Royal Caribbean, the right way. Even as a freelance independent contractor, there were accommodations that needed to be made in order to feel just a little bit like I was home, even if it was on my own dime.



When you’re out there in the middle of the deep blue sea alone and you have a family waiting back home for you, all you can think about is your home sweet home. Counting down the days to see one another is not something I am fond of. Conclusively so, my father-in-law brought cruising back to my life. This time for leisure and with most of the family.


With all the experience I have being on a cruise ship, I’ve come up with a good list of How To Cruise with Royal Caribbean successfully, inexpensively and—most of all—so that you can have a great time onboard!



1. Get a good deal

• First thing first, getting a good deal for your vacation. My first recommendation is to sign up for a Cruise & Anchor Society membership. It’s free, takes just a few minutes and keeps you in the loop of what’s going on with Royal Caribbean.


• In your profile settings, you can configure your notifications to the kind of emails you’d like to receive and the frequency of them. I have my notifications set to a monthly email with the best deals. This is a win-win for me. I hate having my inbox crowded; yet, I love to hear about the latest money saving travel deals {duh}.


• Once you register, you will be in the know it all. And you can book your trip with the best perks. Royal Caribbean is always offering deals and discounts. One of the most popular one include onboard credit with prepaid gratuities. This is one of the absolute best deals you will find ever. Having your gratuities paid means saving at least $100 per person alone! This also assures you that your gratuities will be paid to the crew members aboard the ship. The best part about having onboard credit is that you have onboard credit! You can use the money in your Sea Pass account towards anything your little heart desires. One hour at the spa or maybe a manicure/pedicure. You can even buy yourself a drink or two. It’s all up to you.


2. Pay for the unlimited WiFi on the ship.

• It’s $15 day and you can connect multiple devices, if I’m not mistaken. This will keep you connected to the outside world, if this interests you. If you forfeit your free drink, you can use your onboard credit to pay for the Internet package. How cool is that?!



3. Bring the two allowed wine bottles per stateroom.

• If you plan on drinking while on the cruise, this tip saves you a ton of money. Instead of buying $15 drinks per person, you can have multiple glasses of wine per stateroom and use your possibly accumulated onboard credit towards Internet, the spa, tickets to the flow rider, etc.


• Make sure each bottle is 750 ml or less and only bring two per room. If they catch an extra bottle in your luggage or carry-on, consider it gone. Rules are rules and some of them are not meant to be broken.


4. Enjoy their state of the art fitness center and gym classes.

• Each and every single ship has an incredible gym with all nine yards that most memberships don’t include. Most of the time, their fitness center is open 24 hours a day. Even if it’s not, get up early in the morning and get your workout in. This will pump you for the rest of the day and keep you on your toes about your health.


• They provide towels and water and a beautiful locker room. No excuses! Yoga, kickboxing, Zumba or just a regular old circuit; be sure you do it, you won’t regret it.



5. Eat healthy and wholesome meals.

• There are so many options for healthy food. There is food served all around the clock and they have everything, believe me. The freshest produce ever! They have an incredible selection of exotic fruits and veggies. Gluten free breads made daily. No sugar added desserts. High. Quality. Healthy. Stuff. All. The. Time.


• I love their ethnic food as well because it keeps you well versed. There might even be foods that are traditional from your country and you better believe it will be good!


• Just because everyone is eating a thousand times doesn’t mean you have to as well. Remember that many people go there for the food. But don’t let this get you off track or unmotivated you. Use this as fuel to keep going and pushing towards your goal.



6. Purchase your shore excursion tour tickets directly with the cruise line.

• This is a tip that many will ignore and will learn to regret. There might be an additional cost to purchasing tickets for an activity directly with Royal Caribbean versus buying tickets off shore right at the port. The one thing to keep in mind is that when you pay for a tour outside of the ship, you are on your own.


• If something goes wrong, if you get robbed, if you don’t see what was promised and if you don’t get back on time, too bad. That’s basically what the cruise line will tell you after they left you at the port in Haiti or Mexico or wherever you are. If you purchase the ticket directly, you are 100% guaranteed that you will be back on the ship even if your tour was late. You can’t say the same for an off shore excursion.


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