Toothache Relief

April 11, 2016

My wisdom teeth have been growing in since I was 17 years old. I grew up in a dentist office because my aunt is a dental hygienist. Through all my time spent there, they had told me from the very beginning that I will one day be facing the removal of all four wisdom teeth because there was simply no more room left in my mouth for them to grow in naturally, as it is most common with other people worldwide. Little did I know how much of a toothache this would be.


Midway through 2007, the first tooth broke through the skin. Agh. And that was the last of my teeth as I knew them. That was the beginning of a nightmare that still has not even ended yet. I’m a mere pussycat when it comes to something like a surgery and, being that my wisdom teeth are impacted—yes, all four of them—a full-blown oral surgery is a must.


Well, I don’t know about you but I sure hate the sound of that! I can only put it off for a couple more months before a toothache just about kills me.



I had discussed with my dentist last year that I would come in for the surgery in the beginning of January. Problem is that last May we spontaneously booked our New Year’s trip to Italy and I had completely forgotten that I had made a promise to myself and the dentist to finish up with the drama of fixing my teeth for good.


Italy totally blinded me. Lol. I got a phone call from the dentist last December reminding me that I had an appointment to get them removed. Of course, I canceled because of our upcoming trip without booking a future appointment…straight up out of fear.


It’s already April and 2016 is flying by. I’ll probably be booking my appointment for surgery sometime soon. You better believe it will be sooner than later because a toothache has started to creep up on me. Nothing says relief like a good old swabbing of clove oil. Essential oil, that is.



My wife also suffers a toothache every once in a while caused by her wisdom teeth becoming exposed. She created her tooth ache relief remedy, as she often does. She absolutely swears by it, and; as of my recent toothache, I do, too.


There sure is nothing like a home remedy to cure pain, aches and ailments. It is much cheaper and definitely more effective to heal yourself with natural products you already have at home, as God intended.


Essential oils are always the number one ingredient in all of our home remedies. With that, the best oil for a toothache is sure to be clove. This remedy has a few steps but so worth it. This is so easy for you to master after your first try.


After doing this Toothache Relief home remedy once or twice daily, your pain might even be gone overnight. This relief method is trusted and true with the ability to care your painful blues.





Toothache Relief


After doing this Toothache Relief home remedy daily and your pain will subside. This relief method is trusted and true taking away your painful blues.



Prep time:  2 mins

Work time:  3 mins

Total time:  5 mins









Essential Oils



  1. Warm up water and salt. Add lemon essential oil. Mix well.

  2. Gargle and swish the water around your mouth as you would with mouthwash. Spit out. Do not swallow. Repeat until you have no water left.

  3. Dip your cotton swab in coconut oil. Add clove essential oil to the moistened swab.

  4. Using your q-tip, swab around the area and hold firmly on the area for about 30 secs. Once the pain subsides and your mouth feels numb, you can discard the swab.

  5. Do not drink or eat for at least 15 minutes.



  • Repeat once or twice daily when a tooth ache occurs.

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