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The Ultimate Disney Frozen Party

February 23, 2016

Have you ever thrown by Disney Frozen party? I sure have! I’ve thrown a couple actually. The first one was a test run when my parents were in town for Christmas about two years ago or so. I live in the happiest place on earth so it’s a given that I had watched the movie a couple times.


It’s an amazing movie with a great story-line, and; that is no surprise coming from Disney. When I offered the idea of a movie night to my wife and my parents to watch the movie and throw a Disney Frozen party, they were ecstatic and I told them to sit back as I did all the work. They were in for quite the ride and surprise.



All my life I have loved everything about Disney: their movies, their TV shows, their characters and, quite the obvious, Walt Disney World, which I now conveniently live by. Yes, I go to the theme parks all time and our family is absolutely obsessed with anything and everything seemingly related to Disney. My wife and I dream about how much fun we will have taking our future children to the parks and teaching them all about the magic of Disney. Frozen was just the beginning of our excitement and anticipation for motherhood. 



Something about the movie Frozen is just magical in a way unlike any other of the Disney animated films. Everything from taking place in Norway to having a queen and a princess of value to the Disney Princess collection all in one movie to being completely Frozen with snow and great fuzzy feelings.


Did I mention how cool I think it is that it Elsa has a castle made of ice? I mean, hello, this is huge for a perfect Disney party, or even a Frozen wedding (search for our Tuscan Winter Wedding on the blog now)!



The longing for travel runs deep within me when I am back home. One of the top places to visit on my bucket list is Norway, it is actually number one right now and it has been for quite a while. Once I knew where Frozen took place, I was sold. I would do just about anything to hop on a plane right now this second and stay more than a week in Norway, with the possibility of staying a while to travel through all of Scandinavia.


The different Scandinavian cultures fascinate me and watching Frozen, for me, is like taking ride into animated version of Norway’s rich history. Something about the Vikings just gets me going. (We've been to Denmark now and we are completely in love!)



Thank God for Epcot—my favorite Walt Disney World theme park—exposing me to the Norwegian culture and heritage. They truly instilled a passion to learn about their people since I was a child visiting the happiest place on earth. I was fortunate enough to come up to Disney from Miami at least once every year, if not more. Let’s not get into the political details of Walt Disney World’s Epcot shutting down my second favorite ride ever, the Norwegian Maelstrom.


It is truly a shame that they did such a thing…breaks my little heart! Luckily for all the visitors of Walt Disney World, the Norwegian area of Epcot is still there in all its glory. It is totally decked out with everything Anna, Elsa and Olaf. It is definitely worth making a trip out to Disney just to see this.





For those who are unable to come to Disney, A Frozen party is all you really need to bring the happiest place on earth to you. I will take any excuse in the book to throw The Ultimate Frozen Party. Last year, my sister-in-law and I threw my niece, Kaylin, a Disney Frozen party for her 7th birthday. The party was absolutely fantastic!


After throwing so many of my ultimate Frozen parties, I have a Frozen party box with all my supplies because if I’m going to throw The Ultimate Frozen Party, a girl has got to have her stuff. Any little girl would be ecstatic with a party like this one and, you better believe, any adult attending will be just as giddy as anybody else. To purchase some of the digital prints that I used for the party, check out my Etsy shop here: Aloha Paper Boutique.





The Ultimate Disney Frozen Party


The Ultimate Disney Frozen Party is all you really need to bring the happiest place on earth to you!




Prep time:  20-30 mins

Work time:  30-45 mins

Total time:  1-2 hours

Makes: 1 FROZEN party







    Sven's Antlers

    • 1 cup gluten-free pretzels

    Olaf's Noses

    • 1 pkg baby carrots

    Moose Dip

    • 1 container hummus

    Anna's Frozen Hearts

    • 1 cup concord grapes, chilled

    Kristoff's Hearts of Love

    • 1 cup strawberries, chopped

    Charmed Icicles

    • 1 pkg string cheese

    Squishy Snow Balls

    "We finish each other's sandwiches"

    • 2 tomatoes, sliced

    • 1 (8 oz) pkg fresh mozzarella, sliced



      Magic Trolls

      • Pebbles or rocks

      Elsa's Sparkling Wands

      • Icicle ornaments

      "It's Coronation Day"

      • 1 pkg princess tiaras

      "Some people are worth melting for"

      • Melted Olaf Jars*



      • All decor was purchased at Dollar Tree.

      * DIY coming soon

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