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Our Wedding: The Desserts

May 11, 2017

Remember I talked about how my wife and I were late to the reception, well they opened up the cheeseboards and charcuterie table for guests to start off. They couldn’t be stopped. People were starving and they couldn’t be stopped. Unfortunately, this meant that our beautiful towers of Italian Macarons were noshed off, too. Even the tower with the Bride Cake on top. I know, I know. I was pretty annoyed but our huge delay made people desperate. Tuscan Winter Wedding meant lots of really good food and tons of starving family members ready to chomp down anything they could get their paws on.



We chose a variety of flavors for the macarons from Le Macaron in Winter Park to make sure the diversity hit the spot for our guests and to match our color scheme. My personal favorite is rose so we got a few of those. Tiramisu was a no-brainer. It brought us memories of hanging out at Cibus, an Italian bar we would hang out at every night during our trip in Montecatini Terme. On our last night, the girls behind the bar gave us free tiramisu and shots of limoncello. We snagged a couple of basil white chocolate because it has a total Tuscan vibe to it; my dad loved them so much. The three we got the most of were vanilla, coconut cream and pistachio, the favorite by popular demand.



We barely got to have any macarons while at the reception. Bummer. My honey had special requested earl grey tea in small clear boxes wrapped in burlap twine expecting people to leave them as decorations on the table. Of course, as I expected, they were gone by the end of the night. I was sad for my lady because she craved them so badly. Thank God we ordered extra rose flavored ones and saved them in our fridge at home for the after party. We dug into those real quick when we got back home.



White Chocolate Truffles were served as a mini aperitif before the desserts were served. They were freshly made that day from the winery’s bakery up at the front and paired with a flight of three sweet wines. I never even got to taste mine but I heard feedback from my family that it was amazing.


Salted Caramel Creme Brûlée was the dessert served to everyone instead of cake. The winery served it with fresh local berries, soft whipped cream and nice flaky sea salt. After all the macarons and chocolate truffles and wine, I am sure that Creme Brûlée was just enough.



We ordered our don’t-you-dare-touch gluten-free, no sugar added, dairy free Bride Cake from the famous Erin McKenna’s Bakery. We special ordered it from the location in Disney Springs, the old Downtown Disney World. Based in NYC, the Erin McKenna’s Bakery started up because Erin McKenna herself has Celiac disease. All of the stuff they make is vegan, has no dairy or sugar and is completely gluten-free. We love to stop by here while we take a stroll holding hands down the pathways of Disney Springs and pick up a healthy cupcake.



Our Bride Cake was small. It had two layers and was six inches. Since it stood firmly on a macaron tower, it could only be one-tier, which was fine by us because the topper was made by yours truly using lots of love and Afloral silk flowers. The first layer was banana nut and the bottom was cinnamon sugar (not really sugar, agave) with carob chips. The center was filled with a vegan maple syrup butter cream and the cake was frosted in their most popular, signature vanilla frosting. For the best catch of all, we special requested the cake to be covered in a rose gold luster. They had to special order it from a gluten-free vendor. We’re the first couple in their company history to order something so luxurious! And guess what? They made it happen!




P.S. We also decorated the macaron towers ourselves using leftover flowers from Afloral.com

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