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The Bracelet Accessorizer

February 4, 2016

For a long time coming, I have been a lover and user of Shutterfly for photo sharing as well as picture prints. Our good friend and sister in Christ, Christine AKA Criss, had put me onto Shutterfly years ago when my iMac started having problems and I needed a place to remotely save my photographs.


This is important not only because I’m a blogger and graphic designer but because I’m an avid photographer without prior schooling or certifications. I take photos of absolutely everything. This is my way of creating, saving and retaining memories for the future. This is my own version of a time capsule without having to bury underground in a strange container that might get flooded with water or get damaged. And, because I love to watch the TV show Bones, somewhere around season three there was an episode about a high school that had a time capsule buried underground in the front courtyard about 30 years back and the day they went to open it up, it was flooded with a pool of blood and a dead body. In other words, I don’t do well with the thought of a legitimate time capsule buried underground so I’ll just throw mine up to the cloud and call it a day.



Do you have an account with Shutterfly? My only seriously long drawn-out issue with photos in the cloud is that Shutterfly has become unnecessarily complicated for my lifestyle over the years as the cloud has evolved. It takes hours just to upload about 100 photos and that’s in the hopes that I’ve taken only that amount of pictures during that event, party, holiday or outing.



Don’t take this the wrong way, I LOVE Shutterfly, for printing pictures just not for uploading into a cloud! I’ll be honest, I take hundreds and hundreds of photos daily so this process was killing me and, also, hindering the ability to share these photos taken with family and friends. It’s become well-known throughout my family that getting photos from me is basically impossible. As much as I hate that, they are right because I hadn’t found the way to share them better or get them uploaded quicker till now.


Just a few days ago, I finally had a revelation of how I can get past Shutterfly and move on to something new that would be more stable. All this time, I was being so hard up about having to give up on an app that I absolutely loved. I had so many pictures uploaded to this platform and so much time spent devoted to assuring that all of our family photos would be safe and sound but accessible. None of this was possible with Shutterfly, only to print pictures; it left me very frustrated, ready to give up and live up to the name my family and friends have given me about never actually sharing photos with them.



I came to find out when we made a purchase for Microsoft Office 365+ just last year for our business account, included was a lifetime of 1.2 TB of space on OneDrive. I thought I might as well just give it a shot and I uploaded about 122 photos as a test run. To my surprise, within less than five minutes I had over 100 photos uploaded into the cloud safe and sound in their corresponding folder. Knowing I can access this all on my computer at the reach of my fingertips, I decided that this was a go and I was ready to start importing all of our photos. As of this morning, there are thousands of photos, if not more, uploaded to our OneDrive. We don’t necessarily use this account for business, we keep all of our business related documents in our Dropbox so these won’t interfere with each other.


I am so excited to have found this cloud outlet to upload all of our photos and with this comes the ability to share with all of you, my blogosphere friends, photos that I have been dying to share. I cannot promise that all of these photos will be available for your eyes to see you sooner than later. Later is better than never. I have a lot of plans for my blog this year and I cannot wait to share all these ideas I have with you as the time becomes right.



The Bracelet Accessorizer


Are you tired of messy jewelry? Me too! The Bracelet Accessorizer is a major key game changer; every girl needs one.



Prep time:  2 hours

Work time:  2 hours

Total time:  4 hours

Makes: 1 accessorizer







  • 1 BYGEL rod*

  • 4 screws

  • Spray paint, of choice

  • Laser level

  • Pencil

  • Hammer

  • Electric screwdriver/drill




  1. Acquire rod by attempting at all cost to not go broke on a single IKEA trip.

  2. Spray paint the rod and screws with your spray paint of choice, I chose oil-rubbed bronze. Allow to dry for a few hours, give another coat. Repeat until evenly coated on all sides.

  3. Allow to dry overnight.

  4. Find perfect location to store bracelets or desired jewelry.

  5. Using your laser level and pencil, mark the right spot for the holes you will be drilling. Use a separate screw to hammer a dent into each marked hole.

  6. Ready to drill! Align your rod with the dents you've made and tighten those screws into the wall with your drill.

  7. Hang desired jewelry and enjoy your eye candy.




* Less than $2 at IKEA


  • Wall anchors are not required for this project as there is not much weight to be hung. If you feel they are needed for your project, follow protocol for using wall anchors before proceeding with Step 5.


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February 12, 2019

February 4, 2019

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February 4, 2019

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