Summer Luau Tablescape

June 13, 2017

This summer it’s all about pineapples, luaus, flamingos and the whole nine yards. Lucky for you, eHealed teamed up with Afloral to bring you the most beautiful Summer Luau Tablescape you’ve ever seen. Using our some of our favorite metals copper & gold, we incorporated incredible pops of color to really transport ourselves to a tropical island destination.



Florals & Vases


With a combination of thick mercury glass vases that give off a rose gold/copper metallic accent and golden pineapples, we began the inspiration for our very own luau & Summer Luau Tablescape. The flowers we used were all from our friends at Afloral. They are the largest and best silk flower distributor in the market. They furnished our wedding with the best selection of winter flowers and we’ve been in love with their products even more ever since. To fill up those beautiful vases, we cut up some silk dark blue cosmos, fuchsia peonies, and golden everlasting flowers. It’s just marvelous, darlings.





We are such fans of pineapples as decor in the summer. Since last year, my wife and I were planning a little something with tissue paper pom-poms. When my sister-in-law’s birthday came up in May (last year), we snagged the cutest ever tissue paper pom-pom garland at Dollar Tree.


Of course, we saw the potential in these little poms becoming pineapples but we put them away and never finished that DIY project. What we did not see coming was this incredible Summer Luau Tablescape that has us still swooning.


Well, lo and behold, we did it this year with the help of a free printable we found from a popular blogger, Jollity & Co. Put that sucker on green paper, cut it out, glue it to the back of each pom-pom and BAM! You’ve got yourself the cutest Pineapple Tissue Paper Garland ever.





We used a few different pieces in order to set the table just right while making sure not to overdo it on the “pops” of color for the perfect Summer Luau Tablescape. It’s summer but it’s nothing too dramatic so we still want to give off the relax and chill sort of vibe.


Feel free to use different dinnerware pieces based on what you have on hand. We happened to have these incredible plastic gold chargers from Afloral that went great with our larger pink IKEA dinner plates from the DINERA collection, we also have these in black. There’s nothing that gives a statement like a beautiful linen napkin and it’s ring. White napkins do just the trick to bring in light and air into the room. We have a ton of Target Threshold brand napkins and used gold napkin rings from their dollar section to really bring out the chargers. You can’t forget a little flamingo for each guest to take home. They have them seasonally right now at Dollar Tree in packs of 3 or 4.



To complete the total look, we added a variety of different paper straws. We plan on serving drinks in mason jars so everyone can help themselves to their favorite paper straw. It’s whatever meets the eye. There are some white ones with rose gold specks, a set with rainbow swirls and even some cute pink and white striped ones. Again, whatever you have on hand can do just the trick.




As you can see, the final touches are the pieces that are timeless. The golden pineapples from Afloral. The “thank you” dish from the dollar section at Target. The jar of paper straws. Whatever you have on hand that is you-er than you is perfect to decorate your Summer Luau Tablescape.





Summer Luau Tablescape


Summer is all about pineapples, luaus, flamingos & the whole nine. We teamed up with Afloral for a sweet Summer Luau Tablescape that you can make, too.




Prep time:  15 minutes

Work time:  20 minutes

Total time:  35 minutes











  1. Cut flowers according to desired length using your pliers. Mix up the different colors. Arrange as desired in vases. Add paper straws and any additional silk flowers to different vases.

  2. Place pineapple decorations along your dining room table as desired.

  3. Set the table with your gold chargers, pink dinner plates, linen napkins and gold rings. Once the table is set, add a plastic flamingo to each dish for an added hit. Feel free to add silverware and glasses.

  4. Use your Pineapple Tissue Paper Garland to decorate behind the dining room table. If you have any other summer luau inspired decor that will beautify your tablescape, go ahead and add it! Everyone's table always ends up being unique.



* We used assorted paper straws: copper polka dot, rainbow swirl, pink + white stripes.

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