Summer Beachy Flip Flops

May 18, 2016

For the first time in a decade I fit into a size MEDIUM and I am completely over the moon! These last 3 ½ years have been tough and it has definitely not been easy to keep on the weight loss bandwagon. I want to give up at least 11 times a day and sometimes it’s inevitable to feel lazy. God has given me strength to push past all of this. He’s really shown me patience in this whole process. Through this all, I can finally feel comfortable to go to the beach and lay out by the pool. And for that, my friends, I have made myself the cutest and comfiest Summer Beachy Flip Flops.



On the topic of weight loss, you can’t just lose 115+ pounds overnight and it certainly feels like it takes an eternity. I would look at people on Instagram and Twitter with their before and after pictures and many times I would get sad that they didn’t look like my before and after pictures. Mine didn’t look like much progress because I hadn’t hit the 100-pound weight loss mark. Oh, poor me.


* insert personal pity party here *


Once I hit that mark, I felt more empowered and I felt more like a woman than ever. The way I looked in the mirror is what kept me going. And, of course, the way I look in a bathing suit—while matching with my Summer Beachy Flip Flops—just gets me going! That’s how I pushed past my limits and hit 117-pound weight loss. It’s not easy, ladies and gentlemen. This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.


I wake up every morning and tell myself I have to get up, put on my Summer Beachy Flip Flops and get moving because I remember what it was like before this…too hard to be able to actually get up on my own because of how much weight was on my body. I let myself get to a point that I didn’t want others to see me because of what I looked like. For the first time in my life my body looks on the outside the way I actually feel on the inside. Healthy and happy. I never thought I can feel those two things at one time. I don’t get paid to motivate people but it motivates me to motivate others.


If you’re feeling stuck and think you cannot keep going, remember where you used to be. Remember that you were in a darker place than you are right now. If you’ve already started the weight loss journey, chances are you’re at least one step ahead of where you were in the past. The best thing you can do for yourself is brush off the pain and agony and keep on going. You know that saying, “keep on keeping on”? Yep, do it!





Summer Beachy Flip Flops


Tired of rocking the same sandals that everyone else has? So was I. These new homemade Summer Beachy Flip Flops are unique & tailored to suit just you.




Prep time:  5 mins

Work time: 10 mins

Total time: 15 mins

Makes: 1 pair









  1. Acquire flip-flops, either at the dollar store or an old used pair. Pick out a yard of your favorite silk ribbon.

  2. Using your scissors, cut off the thong of each sandal. Toss.

  3. Cut 4 pieces of 10 inch ribbon. Tie a tight knot on one end of each strand. Cut any extra tip. Burn with a lighter. To connect each set of ribbons, knot them together about 3 inch in on the sides that are not tied.

  4. We're ready to make flip flops! Leaving about 2 inches of ribbon to create the "thong" of the sandal, insert the two strands of ribbon that have been tied together. Tie a knot on the back end. Cut any extra tip. Burn with a lighter. You have two strands left with knots on each end. Insert the knot in each corresponding hole at the bottom. Cut any extra tip. Burn with a lighter. Repeat to other sandal.

  5. For additional security, add a bit of hot glue at the back of each knot to properly secure.

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