Succulent Wedding Favors

May 2, 2017

We’ve always loved succulents. But it wasn’t until our incredible trip to Tuscany, last year in January, that we absolutely know we needed to incorporate them into our wedding. Our Tuscan Winter Wedding, that is.


Our December 9th wedding could not have been more elegant. From the grove gardens to the Italian winery, Succulent Wedding Favors were sure to be one of the best take-home memories.



These were so easy to make, despite looking quite difficult. We found an inexpensive succulent farm through Etsy and ordered a variety pack ahead of time. We told the farmers when we needed them by and they made sure they would ship a week earlier in order to prepare the DIY. That was it! Set it and forget it style, you know we love that. When they finally arrived, the wedding favor DIY began! We re-potted them into our Dollar Tree tin pails that are conveniently an ivory color, applied the chalkboard printable label and voila!



In order for our friends and family to know where they were seated, they found their name at the Succulent Wedding Favors table. Each succulent had their name on a chalkboard label I custom designed making it easy to find which one was which. Dreamy, dessert, lush Succulent Wedding Favors were perfect for those traveling near or far for our wedding. A memory they can cherish forever with minimal maintenance, just light watering from time to time.



We grouped all the Succulent Wedding Favors by table. Then, we labelled them with our beautiful Tuscany Wedding Table Number Maps made up of the map of each city we fell in love with while we roadtripped through the Tuscan region or Italy in the winter. These maps were held up by wine corks we’ve collected through travels across the globe. Based on the map provided, you find your table in the “Tuscan city” you’ve been seated in. From Firenze (Florence) to Parma, it tied together beautifully and nobody was confused.








Succulent Wedding Favors


Dreamy, dessert, lush Succulent Wedding Favors were perfect for those traveling near or far for our wedding. A memory they can cherish forever with minimal maintenance.




Prep time:  5 minutes

Work time:  15 minutes

Total time:  20 minutes

Makes: 20 succulent pails








  1. Pre-order succulents from local farm, garden center or Amazon.

  2. Buy tin pails at Dollar Tree.

  3. Transfer each succulent to their new home. Set out in the sun.

  4. Print your custom chalkboard labels with the name of each guest or family that will be taking home a succulent wedding favor.

  5. If you are using a special seating arrangement, you can request custom labels and follow our Tuscany Wedding Table Numbers project in order for guests to find their table. In order to find their table, group the succulents for the guests of each table with the Tuscan city maps standing behind each group.



* I custom-made these using the template from my Etsy shop, Aloha Paper.

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