Succulent Terrarium Wedding Centerpieces

April 30, 2017

Italian and elegant. Copper and matte. Your family will be begging to take home one of your luxurious Succulent Terrarium Wedding Centerpieces. Not to mention, blood, sweat and tears were shed to make these come to life. And I am not joking. My sister-in-Christ, Vanessa, helped us get out of a hole when the idea of our beautiful Succulent Terrarium Wedding Centerpieces almost failed just days before the big day!



For our Tuscan Winter Wedding to come to life, we used eBay as one of our main sources. We also used Amazon, Etsy and Afloral but eBay played a big part. We ordered all the pieces to for our Culinary Wedding FavorsBridesmaids Accessories, and Succulent Terrarium Wedding Centerpieces. Everything arrived just on time except one major thing…


The Mission


We ordered these elegant glass stands that hold the hanging terrarium globes from eBay just around the time we ordered everything else. We waited and waited and waited. To make a long story short, the stands never came.



As the week of the wedding rolled around corner, we began to panic, as we rightfully should. Insert here how grateful we are for Marge’s Specialties, a local warehouse of party supplies who has just what we were looking for. We found the exact number of stands that we needed and spray painted them in copper.



Our Succulent Terrarium Wedding Centerpieces turned out more magical that we originally expected. God definitely does things for a reason, including the huge lesson on patience this taught us. We wanted to give up on this wedding dream we had so many times. Each time we fell, we picked ourselves back up and walked on towards God’s bigger picture. Big AMEN to that.


End Result


We grouped all the Succulent Wedding Favors by table. Then, we labelled them with our beautiful Tuscany Wedding Table Number Maps made up of the map of each city we fell in love with while we roadtripped through the Tuscan region or Italy in the winter. These maps were held up by wine corks we’ve collected through travels across the globe. Based on the map provided, you find your table in the “Tuscan city” you’ve been seated in. From Firenze (Florence) to Parma, it tied together beautifully and nobody was confused.




Succulent Terrarium Wedding Centerpieces


Italian and elegant. Copper and matte. Your family will be begging to take home one of your luxurious Succulent Terrarium Wedding Centerpieces. Make sure to tell them no!





Prep time:  30 minutes

Work time:  1 hour 15 mins

Total time:  1 hour 45 mins

Makes: 9 centerpieces








  1. Place stands upside down. Spray with copper paint at all angles. Allow to dry for 45 minutes. Flip and repeat.

  2. If needed, paint an extra coat and allow to dry.

  3. Fill each terrarium globe with some moss. Top with a mix of pebbles, silk succulents, and wine corks. Each one should be unique.

  4. Hang three globes on each stand. Place in the center of the table. Add extra wine corks around the stand for an extra touch.



* We purchased stands from a local warehouse, terrarium globes from, pebbles/moss from Dollar Tree, silk flowers from Afloral, and used wine corks from our travels around the world.

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