Stuffed Mushrooms: Pepperoni + Cheese Pizzas

October 4, 2015

Hello beautiful people of the Americas, around the world & beyond! I am at another point in my life. I feel rejuvenated and I feel one with myself and God. I just feel elevated to another point now through exercise and healthy eating. I’ve broken through some old chains and kicked down the walls. With Him anything really is possible. God is really good because when you are persistent in prayer, He succeeds it all. Sometimes I don’t really know what I’m asking Him for but He always knows best for me and He gives me all that I need. For a long time now, I’ve shared before, I’ve been struggling with my exercise and workouts. Some days I am more active than others, whilst on a daily basis I battle with whether or not to get up and take a run or a brisk walk.



In these last couple of weeks since my return from Alaska, I’ve been up on cloud nine. I don’t know if it’s because my birthday just passed {I like to celebrate it for a whole month–birthmonth, we call it} or because Alaska was incredibly amazing or because of the great exercise I’m getting in. I love to watch Hulu+ or Netflix back to back on the total binge… We all know that’s not a good thing all the time unless it’s a weekend or what not. Don’t get me wrong, I love to run my businesses and I love to do a lot of it from home on most days when I’m not out in the field or running around in other offices. Lots of the time when I’m home I’m doing a million things: cooking, cleaning, DIY projects, taking conference calls, answering emails and even writing a blog post or two. Amongst all that, it would be unbelievable yet true that I find lots of time to fit in a TV marathon or maybe even three.


In between doing all those things in one day, I find it so hard to get up and be active and the whole thought of being in the good old outdoors basically depletes itself. It’s crazy because I don’t know which I love more, being outside I’m taking in a breath of fresh air or sitting on the couch watching a movie or some reruns. Of course, it’s easier to turn on the TV than it is to put on some running shoes or boots and go outside. What’s crazy is that once I’m out there, I can even stop myself from going. I gotta push and I think all of you out there that feel the same as I do on most days can push it to the limit, too! Now go eat some stuffed mushrooms, people.





Stuffed Mushrooms: Pepperoni + Cheese Pizzas


Stuffed Mushrooms that are kid-friendly! It might be tough to get mushrooms in kids bellies but with Pepperoni + Cheese Pizzas, they'll be all over them.



Prep time:  10 mins

Cook time:  30 mins

Total time:  40 mins

Serves:  10-20









  1. Preheat oven to 350° F.

  2. Remove stem from mushrooms. Pack each mushroom with one tbsp or two of marinara, a few mozzarella pearls, top with two mini pepperonis and sprinkle with pizza seasoning.

  3. Lightly spray a baking sheet with coconut oil. Place mushrooms on baking sheet with about an inch distance from each other. Bake in the oven for 30 minutes.

  4. Remove from oven. Allow to cool for 5 minutes.

  5. Serve on a nice platter.

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February 4, 2019

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