Stellar First-Aid Kit

August 15, 2015

We filled up this bad boy we call the pink and green with all sorts of goodies and necessities to solve any problem while on the road. Years ago, my cousin Lala, who works at Nordstrom, got these for us: one for her and one for me. We always called it the pink and green. We filled it up with make-up and random purse fillers. Over time, the pink and green got dirty, very dirty. I watched it several times but it ended up put away in a drawer for years.


Through the move earlier this year, it ended up stored inside of an ottoman. As soon as The Legendary Road Trip came into play, we knew we had to pull out the pink and green and fill it up with natural and healthy first aid solutions. There lie many ideas and it was then that the Stellar First-Aid Kit was born.


It's more of a story rather than a tutorial. Take it as you wish, I wanted to make this more of an instructional post in regards to what I think should go inside of your Stellar First-Aid Kit. This is not a one-size-fits-all type of DIY project. It depends what you have in your medicine cabinet and in your bathroom drawers that your family prefers to use when all hell breaks loose. When you're on the road like we are right now headed to Kansas, you've got to have just about anything and everything on hands at all times, in mini size for travel, of course. I can't wait to get to the Dorothy's House - Land of Oz!


Over the years, I would assume that other families accumulate large amounts of unnecessary things and some very necessary things that end up in the back of drawers we didn't even realize we had in our dresser, kitchen, bathroom or any other room in your house for that matter. Some people would call it junk but I call it "I'll find a use for it later". All these little gimmicks that I have accumulated and thrown into drawers, which Marylex thought had absolutely no purpose, finally had a use that I could take advantage of! There may be some things I list to you that you may not have access to and, contrariwise, there will be things you have available to you at home that I might not have thought of. Please leave comments of any ideas you may have on how to improve this DIY.


For a list of all the things inside of our Stellar First-Aid Kit, see below a breakdown as I go pocket by pocket and item by item. You will notice that some of the little creations I have come up with in the last few months as we worked our way into The Legendary Road Trip, have made their way into our Stellar First-Aid Kit. Whether or not you have these items on hand at the moment, I have provided the links for each item that is a DIY just in case you are eager to make some for your own Stellar First-Aid Kit.


Right now it sits in the glove as we travel on through the country. Each time we get off the car to explore, we just remove it from the glove compartment and pop it into her hiking book bag that is equipped with all things needed for The Legendary Road Trip. I am sure that there are things I have forgotten to pack in there as well as things we forgot to pack in general. Who doesn't that happen to? We are definitely guilty of having to stop at a local dollar store or Walmart or drugstore just a pop our heads in and grab any little trinket or trunk it we must've forgotten at home. We made extensive packing lists for The Legendary Road Trip in order to make sure we wouldn't forget anything. Let's just say we're human and we may have forgotten a thing or two. More stories for you later, TTFN: ta ta for now!



Stellar First-Aid Kit


Nothing says "road trip" as much as our Stellar First-Aid Kit does. It has all of the essentials to heal yourself in a jiffy while traveling.





Left Pocket


Center Pocket


Right Pocket



  1. Gather the best of your best first-aid supplies.

  2. Pick a pouch, preferably with pockets, that can hold all of your items comfortably as a first-aid kit.

  3. Accommodate your favorites into different pockets conveniently located in case of an emergency.



  • Add other items that may not be mentioned here.

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