Smartphone Charging Holder Station

March 22, 2016

Don’t you hate when you need to plug in your phone to charge somewhere in your house and your phone ends up sitting on the floor catching dust and running the chance that it can get stepped on by anyone who walks by, including the dog? I hate that so much. That’s why I created a Smartphone Charging Holder. It’s more like a charging station, isn’t that catchier?


I had seen a couple DIY projects on Pinterest before about how to make a cute and dainty looking area to stick your phone in while it charges. You can use this for any phone and maybe even a small tablet—depending on the size of it. You can also get creative and use a different type of container that is larger and would hold a large object better.



Some of those posts that I saw on Pinterest showed just a charging holder using the USB plug to hold it up. I found this unreliable and a little bit dangerous because the charger could easily pull out just a bit and the plastic could come in contact with electricity. We don’t want that type of hazard in our home so we don’t expect that you would want that either. No electric shock for me, kthxbye.


We thought it would better to get a six plug socket to plug over the Smartphone Charging Holder. This means it can actually hold more devices at the same time. Most times it’s both of our phones charging at the same time and they both fit together in my little station. How cool is that?!


It’s great to see the reaction our guests have when they see their own personal Smartphone Charging Holder in the guestroom with everything else we made sure it was cozy and comfy for them. There’s a lot that goes into hosting guests and visitors in your house and part of that is a comfy bed, cozy pillows, soft blankets, fragrant candles, clean towels and a charging station of their very own for all their techy needs.


We make it a point to never forget a welcome basket for each and every single guest that comes by. A lot of family and friends that come over to visit have traveled a long way and we love to put a smile on their face the moment they walk into the guest room and see their welcome basket full of goodies and a sweet little note. If you catch us on a good day, you might even get a balloon. If we have unplanned visits from family, we are basically on crunch time and may not have time to grab a balloon at the store but we will show you love either way. You can always count on yummy food, good music and positive vibes only at the Lopez-Sarraff residence. How do you host your guests?


It took all but five minutes to cut open an old body wash bottle and turn it into a personal Smartphone Charging Holder Station. If you have a few empty containers that you don’t know what to do with but chose to keep in order to find some way to recycle them, this is just the trick. You can actually make a few different ones and plug them around the house so that you never leave your cell phone charging flat on the floor ever again. We have started to make a couple to do just that and have even painted some of the containers with spray paint to match different rooms.





Smartphone Charging Holder


Don't you hate charging your phone somewhere and your phone ends up sitting on the floor? Now with a Smartphone Charging Holder, it won't have to!



Prep time:  2 mins

Work time:  3 mins

Total time:  5 mins

Makes: 1 holder










  1. Using your scissor, cut off the front half of your empty bottle. Cut around it to create a small handle and a hole in the middle of the handle with enough room to plug through the hole.

  2. Insert the socket through the hole and plug in the wall.

  3. Now, charge anything you’d like and pop it in your charging station.

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