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Silent Sweetheart Wind Chime

January 29, 2017

Dollar Tree is stocked up for Valentine’s Day, guys! You need to hurry and grab what they’ve got before it’s all gone. And, I am not paranoid. I am so serious. If you want to make this Silent Sweetheart Wind Chime, you’re going to have to RUN to grab a pack of the cute conversation heart foam stickers we used for this project.

Every holiday, they stock up on all the goodies a month or two in advance. About a week or two before the big day, everything good is absolutely gone. No joke, I make several trips to make sure I didn’t miss what was available. One more trip for us this week so we can rally up a few more things.



Festive Decor

We always decorate the front porch, duh. And, of course, we decorate around the first floor of the house, as well. A touch in the guest bathroom, lots of love on the mantel, and more. This time, we decided we needed to add some special loving to the patio and backyard. If we throw a dinner party, we tend to add festive decor, but; Valentine’s Day is not the type of holiday to throw a party for others to join in. It’s a day of love to celebrate each other, more specifically a spouse or kids. Since we wanted to make some fresh crafts we had not done, we came up with a sweet DIY that we can keep for next year.

There’s nothing like the peaceful outdoors. This Silent Sweetheart Wind Chime can enhance the peace you feel from nature with a hint of love. No noise, just simplicity. We love to sit outside these chilly winter days and watch our little conversation hearts flap in the wind. Kids will love this project!


Do any of you watch the amazing country music TV show called “Nashville”? It has got to be one of my all-time favorites. A few weeks ago, they came out with the latest season. Yay for us!

We love to cuddle up in the living room to watch Rayna Jaymes do her thing. And all the others, too. We have been so gosh darn obsessed since we knew season five was coming up. They kept releasing commercials that gave away stuff about season 4 we hadn’t seen yet. Reveals like that can be tough for some TV aficionados.

We have now become fans of hosting mini marathons of Nashville, thanks to Hulu+. As of a few nights ago, we caught up and we’re dying for the latest episode to come out. Hurry up already! They air on CMT every Thursday so they’re available on Hulu+ the very next day. I totally foresee country music Friday is becoming a thing at the Lopez-Sarraff residence. Yeehaw!



Road Trip

We’ve been ready to get on the road for quite some time now. We decided to take it easy since the wedding was in December and we knew we would be totally broke till the next year. (Weddings cost a lot of money, y’all.)

Now that 2017 is finally here, we got to get planning on when we were going to get on the road next. With our long time love of Tennessee, we thought there would be nothing better than to drive up and spend a week in Nashville. Sometime in March, maybe?

You can definitely give the credit to my dear wife for the wonderful idea. As soon as the two sweet words, “road trip“, snuck out of her mouth I was completely sold! Having been there before, We know just where we want to visit again and where we don’t have to do a double take. Take me to the Opry, baby!

Travel Suggestions

If any of you have been to Nashville and have suggestions on where to go, leave me a comment below. Feel free to tag me somewhere on social media or even share a bookmark through Yelp! We love to get feedback from other travelers and it helps know where we are headed…other than the Bluebird Cafe, of course.



Silent Sweetheart Wind Chime

This Silent Sweetheart Wind Chime can enhance the peace you feel from nature with a hint of love. No noise, just simplicity.



Prep time:  2 mins
Work time:  3 mins

Total time:  5 mins
Makes: 1 wind chime









  1. Cut a few strands of baker's twine in different lengths and variety of colors.

  2. Open up the pack of foam stickers. Separate the hearts by color. Select two of each color. Peel back the paper of one sticker. Paste a strand of twine on the sticky part. Peel back the paper of another sticker. Paste directly onto the backside of the sticker with the strand attached. This will seal the twine between two hearts. Repeat until you have either no more twine or stickers left.

  3. Line up all the twine ends and make a sturdy knot.

  4. To attach your wind chime, run one side of the hook through the knot and clip the other end to affix outdoors.



  • Installation depends on the type of hook used.

  • Attachable on anything: tree branch, light post, etc.

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