Red, White & Blue Popsicles

February 22, 2016

Just in case you thought you read wrong, no you didn’t. I really did just decide to share this incredible recipe of sweet, yummy Red, White & Blue Popsicles. For all of you who didn’t notice my huge error last Monday… It was not George Washington’s birthday! Can you even believe that? I seriously thought it was his birthday because my phone told me on my calendar that it was Presidents’ Day because it was George Washington’s birthday. I didn’t really look into it much because I trusted my phone and the information you provided me.



I’m so annoyed that my Apple iPhone 6 gave me inaccurate information on the calendar that reflects the United States of America national holidays. As an avid reader of American history, I should have noticed such information from my research that I conducted prior to making the post about Patriotic Confetti Poppers, last Monday, or even before then from previous studies and readings. Don’t forget to make those, too. They are super fun to make. I love my country and I appreciate any specific day designated to celebrate America so I am annoyed that I made a fool of myself.


Obviously, by the looks of my post last week, I had no idea!  I absolutely love Apple and I wouldn’t trade my iPhone for the world but I am genuinely annoyed that there is such a mistake out there on a national holiday calendar that is shared with millions of Apple iPhone users throughout America. I love them enough to email them and let them know, in order to correct the error…Yes, I did that, I had to. It was my duty to society for all other American Apple iPhone users who have only rely on the calendar to accurately inform them of national holidays. Like me, lol!



This post for Red, White & Blue Popsicles is to celebrate George Washington’s birthday for a second time this month. I guess that’s something I’ve never done before… Hey! There’s always time to do something new that you have never done before, including making a live blog post on a holiday that wasn’t really the holiday you originally thought it was but still a national holiday just not the one your phone lied to you and made you think it was. Does that even make sense? I’m rambling. These kinds of things only happen to me, I swear.


I always tell my family and friends that the weirdest things happen to me that wouldn’t typically happen to your regular average Joe, or Jane to be politically correct. Do the weirdest freaking things happen to you on a daily basis? I wouldn’t even doubt that there’s someone else out there with the same luck as me. #tooblessedtobestressed, like my cousin, Lala, always says to me while singing it with a Jamaican accent humming to a reggae tune.



Last year for Independence Day, better known as July 4th, our little cousin Herlis was in town for our in-house family summer camp and we made a bunch of cute DIY projects and sweet little snacks to celebrate 4th of July. There was a bunch of these that I saved for a rainy day or another random American national holiday that would pop up and not have a particular recipe or project that would stand out on that day. These Red, White & Blue Popsicles were so easy and so cheap to make that it’s an absolute no-brainer to make them on each and every single American national holiday that comes up.



Do you have popsicle maker molds? Before the first time I made these on Independence Day, with all the random kitchen utensils and cooking supplies I have stocked up in my cabinets and pantry, I couldn’t believe I did not have plastic popsicle molds! What kind of mockery is this? Thank you, Jesus, for Dollar Tree, where all my dreams come true for the low. If not, then thank God for Amazon Prime because they have a cute set of molds for sale: here.


Now that I finally have plastic popsicle molds, I have made them a couple times already and I plan on making some more of these Red, White & Blue Popsicles today, as well. Most of the time, I have these ingredients readily available in my refrigerator or freezer. It is quite possible that you may or may not, also, have one or two of the ingredients.


This is a cool way to get the kids involved in the kitchen without making too much of a mess. It’s basically pour and freeze and repeat until complete. I may not have children but from my own experience with having Herlis in town during a holiday, I realized that the simplest recipes are the best to involve the kids. These Red, White & Blue Popsicles give kids a chance to play in between the times you pop the molds into the freezer. I know it’s true of Herlis as she rolled around on the floor with Bentley-Mac on our popsicle breaks, as we called them. They looked absolutely amazing from the very first time we made them; they were an absolute hit at our July 4th party. There is nothing more refreshing than Red, White & Blue Popsicles as the 90° sun set upon us right after leaving the pool. We made several batches and we ate some more as we celebrated with some fireworks lighting up the night sky of our city beautiful. I hope you enjoy them and even if they don’t look perfect, they sure will taste perfect!





Red, White & Blue Popsicles


Nothing like the star spangled sweetness in all its glory, these Red, White & Blue Popsicles are the best American holiday treat!



Prep time:  15 mins

Cook time:  1 hour

Total time:  1 hour 15 mins

Yields: 6-8






    Red Stripe

    • 2 cups frozen cherries or strawberries

    • 1 cup water

    • 1 tbsp raw honey


    White Stripe

    • 3 cups coconut milk


    Blue Stripe

    • 2 cups blueberries or blackberries

    • 1 cup water

    • 1 tbsp raw honey





    1. In a blender, blend ingredients for your red stripe until fully liquid. Pour into popsicle molds. Freeze for 20 minutes.

    2. Remove popsicles from freezer. Top with coconut milk. Freeze for 20 minutes.

    3. In a blender, blend ingredients for your blue stripe until fully liquid. Remove popsicles from freezer. Pour into popsicle molds. Freeze for 20 minutes.

    4. Remove popsicles from freezer. Wet the mold from the outside with running water to release the popsicles.

    5. Serve or stash in the freezer!

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