Quinoa Pudding

August 14, 2014

Let's talk rice pudding. I grew up on it and my grandma still makes it often as well as on special occasion for all to enjoy. The kind of rice pudding my Nana makes is unhealthy, delicious, and tummy-aching. I know it's so good but so bad for me. I knew I had to find a way to make it in a way that had no dairy, no sugar, no flour, and just plain healthy gourmet decadence in each bite. This took a lot of hard work with many failed Quinoa Pudding recipes under my belt that went straight into the garbage.


Today, something changed. Today, was a fresh start at cooking Quinoa Pudding. Today, was the complete end of rice pudding as we knew it.



All kinds of creamy goodness in this protein packed punch of a sweet treat. As I sit here eating my bowl of fresh, warm Quinoa Pudding, I reminisce on days I would eat Nana's rice pudding in these stainless steel bowls that she serves desserts in (such as arroz con leche). No matter what, I never have good memories of moments when eating. The reason I say this is because I always overate. I always ate the wrong things. I always got bitched at by family members and family friends about my obesity as a child and even as an adult while eating anything at all. I still do.



They still treat me like some kind of ravenous, hungry human-animal. I am a person with feelings, thoughts of my own, and addictions. One of those was food and the sickness to need to control it. While eating this, I think of the good health I now have, the fitness lifestyle I keep up with, and the connections I have made due to the prior mentioned two. It's refreshing and bittersweet to be where I am today. Down over 95 lbs of fat and healthier than ever.


Not eating sugar. Not eating flour. Not using drugs. No bad friends. Great relationship with God. A small handful of friends that bless my life. And, family who most times is unsupportive of my decisions with my lifestyle because I will never be what they want me to be. Today, I am happy. Today, I am full and blessed. I wouldn't rather be anywhere else, with anyone else, blogging about anything else on any other day. Good night.





Quinoa Pudding


Creamy, sweet and delicious! This Quinoa Pudding is the perfect replacement for your typical rice pudding.



Prep time: 0 mins

Cook time: 30 mins

Total time: 30 mins

Yields: 6-8










  1. Wash and rinse quinoa to remove saponin.

  2. Bring milk to a boil. Add quinoa and chia seeds. When bubbling, add vanilla, cinnamon, raisins and coconut flakes. Stir until thick.

  3. Remove from heat. Allow to cool.

  4. Serve.

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