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Pulled Pork Bowl

February 2, 2017

Back in the summer, my wife and I laid out a Cuban series for the blog. We did a few weeks of delicious homemade, cultural recipes passed down from my maternal grandmother. We did the true classics: frijoles negrosplatanitos madurostostones, etc. Of course, we have to add the chefNia* touch to some recipes and come up with a Caribbean twist. Anything from our melt-in-your-mouth caramelized sweet onions to the eye-watering cilantro garlic sauce.



Haven’t seen any of those recipes? Click the link(s) to see more about what we did there during our Cuban food series. This week we decided to combine some of those favorites and make a Pulled Pork Bowl.

Grilling on the BBQ


With the amazing weather we are experiencing lately, grilling has been right on the schedule. We love to grill during any season. Duh, we’re Florida ladies, born and raised. But, hello! Cold weather is the best for grilling in Florida. Pool time, hammock hanging, hot tub lounging, grilling and eating yummy food. We’ve seriously gone out to barbecue at least once a week since the New Year. That’s a whole lot and we are absolutely loving it.



Some days, it’s too cold for us to do that so we get that smoky barbecue flavor with a sauce we buy at Publix, one of our local markets. Insert Pulled Pork Bowl for lunch there! Make that two because you bet my wife wanted a bowl for when she got home from work. And we had some leftovers, too!


We roasted a pork loin in the oven, shredded it up, added some caramelized sweet onions and cilantro garlic sauce.. BAM! You’ve got the best damn Pulled Pork Bowl, ever. I mixed mine all up like a chicken chop-chop and scarfed it down. Fast. I’m seriously learning not to do that. SO hard. 125 lbs down though and every single day I learn something new. Never gets old.

The Wedding


December 9, 2016 was the best day of our life! We had the absolute wedding of our dreams, I kid you not. It was claimed to be the coldest day Orlando had seen all year and we were there to experience it, while getting married: AGAIN! Record-freaking breaking. It made for the sweetest, chilliest Tuscan Winter Wedding that Cypress Grove Gardens ever did see.


Everything from the music playing as my father walked me down the aisle to meet my bride to the tears streaming down each face because they were all thinking, “THEY MADE IT!”. The coolest part wasn’t even the fact that it was everyone’s first gay wedding; it was our first gay wedding, too!


We have released minimal pictures out to the public through Instagram—and family members posted some on Facebook. Initially, we wanted to wait for the pictures from the photographer. Buuuut who could wait 6 whole weeks to share pictures from the best day of our lives?! Who were we kidding? Ourselves, maybe.





The holidays kind of knocked me off my feet when it came to blogging this year. Really every year. My parents come and visit for a whole month so it gets difficult to do anything but hang with them. Pros and cons; yet, we enjoy our time together as much as possible.


It will take some time to post up everything I’ve been actually doing but I have other ideas brewing in the pot, pun intended. You already know what holiday is next!


Take yourself sometime to put together a Pulled Pork Bowl for this breezy Groundhog Day afternoon or prepare some for the whole family at dinner time. Either way, you’ll be blown away.




Pulled Pork Bowl


We roasted a pork loin in the oven, shredded it up, added some sweet onions & cilantro garlic sauce. BAM! You've got the best damn Pulled Pork Bowl, ever.



Prep time:  20 mins

Cook time:  45 mins

Total time:  1 hour 5 mins

Serves: 4









  1. Follow the recipe for Cilantro Garlic Sauce. Refrigerate.

  2. Preheat oven to 425° F.

  3. Make a batch of Caramelized Onions. Set aside.

  4. Spray a deep dish pan with coconut oil. Place pork loin in the middle of the pan. Sprinkle with seasonings. Bake for 45 minutes on each side. Remove from oven. Allow to cool for 10 minutes.

  5. Transfer pork loin to a bowl. Using a fork, shred the pork. Add barbecue sauce. Mix until evenly combined.

  6. Serve pulled pork with 2 tbsp of Caramelized Onions and 1 tbsp of Cilantro Garlic Sauce.

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