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Piri Piri Spice

July 23, 2017

When we went backpacking through Europe, our first stop was Ireland. Upon arrival, there were so many sights (!!); but, we had to head over to our Airbnb spot in order to catch up on much needed rest. No rest = no adventure = no fun. Of course, we love to be tucked away with the locals so we had to catch a bus with our Leap Card (super easy to grab at the airport at a SPAR shop) out to Lusk in order to make it to our Airbnb. Once we got to the neighborhood, we got picked up by our Airbnb host because we rented a room in her house. The house was so cool! My favorite part was how close it was walking distance to the local market, SuperValu. The first thing we did after we settled in our room was take a walk there to load up on essentials.



From the moment we walked in to SuperValu, there was Piri Piri everything.


Piri Piri Spice. Piri Piri Potatoes. Piri Piri Chicken. Piri Piri Burger Patties. Piri Piri Bread. Piri Piri Meatballs. Piri Piri Pomme Frites. You get the gist of it?


At that moment, we both discussed grabbing some Piri Piri Potatoes because A. It seemed so Irish and B. Irish Potatoes! Of course, we snagged some at only €2 for about 8-10 oz of pre-seasoned potatoes in an aluminum container ready to bake in the oven. This was a plus because we didn't know the cooking situation back at our Airbnb house.


I knew I would be sharing Piri Piri Spice with you all since the ingredients were so transparent on the package (paprika, cayenne, garlic, lemon, pepper, oregano, coriander, cinnamon) and I vowed to figure out the rest so that Piri Piri Spice would be a thing of the future for my wife and I, not the past.



Contrary to our belief based on the Piri Piri Spice takeover at SuperValu, piri piri or peri peri was brought into Goa, India by the Portuguese people. The meaning of "peri peri" is Swahili for African bird's eye chili, which is also a type of cayenne pepper that grows heavily in those parts now. Piri Piri Spice was and is still popular in the Mozambican community of Portugal, as the meaning of "piri piri" is a very hot sauce made with red hot chili peppers.



How cool is it that this Portuguese/African fusion spice has such a heavy influence in the Irish cuisine? After spending plenty of time in Ireland, we learned from the locals that Piri Piri Spice is a part of life for them. I came to learn about its heritage when doing background research to write this post. It seems that the Irish aren't too informed of how Piri Piri Spice made it into the Emerald Isle. They do carry on eating it like there is no tomorrow, especially in the small nook that is the town of Lusk. Catch my the recipe for my Piri Piri Potatoes.





Piri Piri Spice


Contrary to our belief based on the Piri Piri Spice takeover at SuperValu, piri piri or peri peri was brought into Goa, India by the Portuguese people.




Prep time: 2 mins

Cook time: 3 mins

Total time: 5 mins

Yields: 2-3 oz










  1. In a small mason jar, add all herbs and spices. Seal the jar with lid. Shake to mix.

  2. Store in a cool and dry place.

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