Perfume Display

July 26, 2013

Who collects perfumes and fragrances like I do? Do you have a problem fitting all your perfumes on one table or one counter or in just one place? Do you share your Perfume Display area with your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or fiance? This is just the thing for you and me because I had my perfumes in a box since I moved without ANY space to put them, specially because I have to share and it's hard when you have so many and refuse to get rid of any of them. I actually gave away some of these priceless beauties to make space and still struggled to find a right place.



Now, I have counter space in my bathroom, bedroom, closet and even the box that's now empty because I relieved it of perfume carrying and can use it for the extra gift wrapping things I have laying around. Everyone can stop placing their perfumes on random things trying to find out what the best option is or trying to separate them around the room: the ugly ones in a cabinet, the prettiest in your room, some on your nightstand, others in your bathroom by the sink, maybe even lingering in your purse, car or closet because you just don't know what to do with them anymore and you're about to go postal! Okay...or I was.


My successful trip to IKEA this past weekend with Marylex made all the difference in my home and the bedroom, especially when it comes to the organization and beautiful display of my perfume and fragrance collection. It was up on the top of the "To Buy" list to find somethinganything at all to put all my perfumes with no more hassle, no more stress, and no more not wearing the perfumes and fragrances I own because they're in a box, in the car, or God only knows where.



I found several things at IKEA that could work for this particular project but nothing worked it's charm to convince me that I had found the one to hold my beloved fragrances like the LIMHAMN Wall Shelf did. They don't sell online the longer one that costs $14.99 but they do have it in all the stores; I checked for all of you who may want to buy these pieces or one of them and weren't sure. The smaller ones work just fine for a smaller collection or even to hold your make-up or whatever trinkets you want to show off displayed in your bedroom.


This project was extremely simple. From the pinning quick holes in the wall and hanging it up, cleaning the shelves with stainless steel cleaner and placing my dearest perfumes up like a store display! What an absolute dream come true. I spaced about 8 inches between each but this couldn't be any simpler. Although the LIMHAMN Wall Shelf didn't bring screws, as most IKEA products don't, make sure to have 3 ready and lined up for each one of these. Enjoy creating space for this in your home and I hope you love the end product of your new DIY project. The perfect Perfume Display.




Perfume Display


The perfect way to have all your fragrances up and have a spectacular and flawless Perfume Display. No more mess and no more stress!


Prep time: 10 mins

Work time: 30 mins

Total time: 40 mins

Makes: 2 shelves









  1. Open LIMHAMN Wall Shelf packages.

  2. Using the wall panel with holes on it, place it on the wall where you desire your shelf to be. With the level, make sure all is aligned. Draw a small dot in each hole with the pencil.

  3. Measure about 8 inches vertically above or below each of the dots marked on the wall with the level to make sure everything is aligned perfectly.

  4. Hammer a screw half way in each hole and then pull it back out. Insert a wall plug into each hole. Place wall panel against the wall aligned with the holes. Screw in the screws all the way in until tight.

  5. Push shelves onto the wall panels according to the picture in the instruction manual.

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