Paint Swatch Place Cards

November 5, 2017


Back in 2013, when we first moved into our apartment on Lake Debra in MetroWest [beautiful suburb of Orlando near the Universal theme parks], we had our very first holiday away from what we originally knew as "home" {Miami}. Therefore, we invited my parents over for the Thanksgiving holiday. That was the first time that my parents rented a condo at Vista Cay, a community nearby that rents properties for travel and other good stuff, which has become a tradition ever since. Thanksgiving of 2013 is where my super simple Paint Swatch Place Cards were born!


My wife and I were still kind of scraping pennies at this point (which is ironic because we're kind of pinching at the seams right now TBH) so we wanted to do it up real nice for our first official family gathering yet not spend too much on making it a big deal. The light bulbs went off in my head to reduce, reuse and recycle for a classic Thanksgiving event that we've come to never forget! So many things about that night were so memorable.



From the Autumn Sangria spiked with Avion Tequila to the Paint Swatch Place Cards holding white napkins and even our incredible Family Thankful Tree that spoke deep to our hearts, the holiday was absolute perfection...with kinks of course!


To save big bucks on making Thanksgiving place cards for each attendee, I went with my wife to our local Home Depot to snag a couple of color palette swatch cards from the BEHR paint department in the tones that matched our theme. We went with mustard, dark orange, maroon, brown, olive green, etc. You can choose whatever matches your Thanksgiving holiday theme to make your Paint Swatch Place Cards, even if it's bright colors [remember the time I did that in 2015?!].




Paint Swatch Place Cards


To save big bucks for Thanksgiving holiday decor, we make Paint Swatch Place Cards for each attendee using color palette swatch cards in the tones that matched our theme.



Prep time: 2 mins

Work time: 3 mins

Total time: 5 mins

Makes: 4 place cards








  1. Lay a paint swatch card on your cutting board. Cut a centered 3" line with your box cutter or xacto knife under the first color tone. Repeat the same above the last color tone. Do this to all your paint swatch cards.

  2. Write the name of each person on the place card.

  3. Roll up your napkins into a small spiral. Pop each napkin into the holes of the paint swatch cards.

  4. Set the table with your plates, silverware, and glasses. Once the table is set, add a paint swatch place card to each dish for an added hit.



  • I snagged the BEHR paint swatch cards that have four different color tones on the palette.

  • You can use an xacto knife, if you have one.

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