Lopez-Sarraff Wedding Color Palette

June 8, 2016

We have the Lopez-Sarraff Wedding Color Palette down packed! Now that we have made the color selection official, we are ready to debut them here on the blog. For our winter wedding celebration, we are going with hints of blush, sage, nude and touches of rose gold. Since we do not get ANY snow in Florida during winter, we twisted the frozen wedding theme into something more practical. Say…a little Tuscan inspo? YAS KWEEN. We are totally doing a Tuscan winter wedding. BAM! I just can’t wait. We are flexible on the addition of other natural colors that come along with the venue or whatnot. I trust in the process; everything will be perfect and delightful—I just know it.



When we got married on December 9, 2013—three years ago on the day of our wedding celebration—in Baltimore it was a complete winter wonderland! We got married up on a mountain on a beautiful place called Soldier’s Delight. Our pastor picked us up in his huge pick-up truck down the road because our rental car did not have four-wheel drive. He drove us up to a hill where I said, “Stop right here!” She looked at me and said, “Yes, it’s perfect.” Practically shaking, I stepped out of the truck and was shin deep in snow. Immediately he came running to me, picked me up and propped me onto the bed of his truck. It was hysterical! It really got the juices flowing because I was as stiff as a nail with my crazy wedding nerves. This was the real deal. God. Winter woodsy wonderland. The lady that I love with all my heart. Absolute perfection.


The day of our elopement, the wedding color palette was slightly different. The colors were sage and nude, yes, but there was a touch of something else. Dark purple! I’ll have to post up my bouquet one day here on the blog so you see it’s not crazy, I swear. It only had hints of purple. Mostly pinecones and baby’s breath. I made my own bouquet out of silk flowers from Afloral because I had to fly with it in my suitcase. I am definitely doing it again this year because it's more than practical. I get to have my bouquet(s) forever. My last wedding ever guys! I can’t believe I get to marry my wife twice in one lifetime. Total dream come true.


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