Mistletoe Foot Soak

November 1, 2014

Lala, my cousin, and I are leaving to Europe in just a few days AND I am revving up for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving this year. Our trip will last about 16 days and we come back just before Thanksgiving. I am already prepping ideas for the feast! I cannot plan in November because I will be up and about with Lala too busy worrying about following an itinerary to plan then. So, what does this mean? This means I am planning everything early this year! From Thanksgiving to New Year's, I have it all down packed in the works.


For Thanksgiving, my mom, dad and best friend are coming up to enjoy the holiday together. I am absolutely stoked! My parents are renting a house near the Mall of Millenia because they have their dogs. If they stay here at our house with the dogs, they will pee on everything! So, the house renting part sounds great. My best friend, of course, will stay at my house so we can party in pajamas all night long. Okay, okay...or maybe till 10:00 pm. I think we're getting older.



I just cannot wait to enjoy their company and have them in my humble abode to fellowship. Having people come over and visit is a gift. I have ideas of doing something I saw on Pinterest for guests when they come over. Since I live in Orlando and my family/friends are in Miami, we travel to see each other. Most times, I go to Miami. Recently, we've had guests and it's been wonderful. Back to Pinterest. I saw a great idea to have baskets for your guests with things to keep them comfortable: comfy socks, towel, washcloth, sheets, welcome note, toothbrush, and even things they leave at your house for when they visit (then they don't have to go looking for it). I may want to get this all setup for them this holiday. Oh, and make it festive!



And, before I even allow you to forget, Mistletoe Foot Soak, people! Yes, yes, yes. People pay lots of money to soak their feet in special stuff or to buy tiny containers of chemicals that promise to make your feet soft, allowing you to relax, yada yada zen yada yada. Why pay money for something you can make yourself, give some away in cute jars wrapped in twine, which I love? You can even keep some of this to relax yourself! This is why I made this. I looked up several different recipes for a foot soak or scrub and came up with this one myself. It smells like real mistletoe and is as festive as I can possibly let it get!


This sweet Mistletoe Foot Soak made of all natural ingredients and packed into cute jars wrapped in festive twine makes for a great stocking stuffer. I used baking soda, spearmint infused epsom salts (you can use regular if anything), orange peel granules, dried dill, and, last but certainly not least, grapefruit and peppermint oil. It seemed like the best combination and it sure was! I tried it out and my feet are feeling freeeeesh. This was fun to make and smells so delicious. Fresh Mistletoe Foot Soak goodness! 




Mistletoe Foot Soak


This sweet Mistletoe Foot Soak made of all natural ingredients and packed into cute jars wrapped in festive twine. Great stocking stuffer!




Prep time: 2 mins

Work time: 3 mins

Total time: 5 mins

Yields: 6







Essential Oils



  1. In a large bowl, mix epsom salt, baking soda, dill, and orange peel together with your hands. Slowly mix in drops of oil.

  2. Fill your mason jars to the brim and seal. Cut 6 (5 inch) strands of your twine. Wrap a strand around each jar and tie a bow.

  3. Your foot soak is ready for gifting and/or use!

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