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Mid-Century Modern Dining Room

May 20, 2018


Back in 2015, when my wife and I bought our townhouse in Orlando, I really had no idea what I was doing when it came to renovating or remodeling a house. And, although we haven’t torn down any walls just yet, we’ve done a whole lot of restoring and gutting of the place. I truly thought I was the queen of DIY projects. There’s just something about becoming a homeowner that changes the way you do things. Things are more permanent. Problems are actually yours. You’re free to suffer with your problems and it’s up to you to be happy with your surroundings.


When I came to the dining room, it was one of those rooms that was just a bit neglected. It was cute, not an eyesore, per se. Yes, we weren’t satisfied with it overall vibe. Having changed many things, from chairs to tables and light fixtures or wall art call, Something was missing.


Insert our idea for a complete revamp to our latest and greatest Mid-Century Modern Dining Room. It might’ve taken a lot of work in hindsight. But, if you have your work laid out for you, you might be able to do this kind of redesign of you dining space faster than we were.


Now, I’ll add that there are a few finishing touches that we have not completed. I’m so happy with how it looks right now though that I knew it was just time to share it my dining room journey already.




First things first, the current dining space was my old home office space. We did a complete swap and the office is now in the old dining room. To be honest, this must’ve been the simplest part because all it was was just moving furniture. Musical chairs, if you will.


I already had a gallery wall going in the office space already so I simply made some changes to it to make it more homey and less office-y, so to speak. This is where the bulk of the work lies. It’s up to you to make the decision on what pieces ultimately end up on the wall along with the position of each artwork. Although the hardest and most frustrating, this could also be the funnest. On this gallery wall, I have pieces from all over the place (this is my favorite part about making a gallery wall). Let your creativity run wild! Some of my favorite spots to pick up new pieces are Goodwill, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Kohl’s, Walmart, Target, Afloral, random thrift shoppes/flea markets/garage sales/consignment stores; just to name a few. I also like to put gifted frames on the wall, or some that I have found thrifting, which images that I have taken myself while traveling. It's the small deets that make a whole lot of difference in my gallery wall vibe.



And, now, we are back to musical chairs! Over the years, as I was saying before, we’ve had our share of different room furniture. The final verdict was three sets of two chairs. We recently purchased two cream colored leather teams chairs off of Amazon.com and I built myself. We have two tall black leather HENDRIKSTAL IKEA chairs that were gifted to us. Last but not least, our designer chairs from West Elm made of bamboo wood and gray rope. The dining table also happens to be from West Elm. That piece is currently discontinued. We bought it off the sales floor for the low.



The dining table goes through its fair share of changes over the changing of seasons. Sometimes the table is set and other times it is not. My main goal to centerpiece is a threshold reclaimed wood cutting board from target and an ivory vintage milk jug from IKEA filled with a floral silk flowers and our daily devotional for emotional wellness that I picked up about six or seven years ago at family Christian stores when I still lived in Miami. Recently, after bring Penelope home, I took the coffee table basket full of wine corks and placed it in the middle of the dining room table and to tell you the truth I love it! It goes perfectly with that hanging glass piece you see coming down from the ceiling filled with wine corks from our wedding at Cooper’s Hawk Winery.



All in all, this could be done in a day or a weekend’s work. It’s so very rewarding to sit back and enjoy a freshly revamped room, whether your style matches my Mid-Century Modern Dining Room vibes or not.


Hope this was helpful in some way! Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below or the live chat box on the right hand corner of your screen for a faster response.




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