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Memorial Day Mantle Décor

May 29, 2017

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!


You already know my house is covered in red, white and blue because the season is true…and upon us. Insert our beautifully spectacular Memorial Day Mantle Décor here! HA.



Soon enough I will change it back up to some bright, fun, festive and colorful summer decor before July 4th takes over again. Stay tuned for some awesome collaborations with Afloral this month and the next!


Memorial Day


This Memorial Day has been different that those before. Of course, we are barbecuing and all the rest because that’s what us Americans so on these commemorative holidays. My wife and I don’t have any veterans in the family but we do have some Alaskan friends who are. We celebrate them today. We celebrate all they’ve done for us and our country.


Today, we are celebrating, commemorating and grilling! As we speak, we’ve got our brand new grill going in the backyard. We came to find out that our BBQ grill must have gotten lost in the move to our townhouse (1.5+ years ago) so we tend to grill at local parks and whatnot. For Memorial weekend, we knew we needed a grill so we head out to Walmart over the weekend and got a great charcoal grill for the patio.


Right now, we’ve got rainbow shrimp kebabs going on the grill. They’re going to be delicious! We loaded up the skewers with jumbo shrimp, red/orange/yellow/green bell peppers, red onions, and freshly ripe pineapple chunks. We cannot wait! We made sure not to forget some butter lettuce wrapped burgers with all the toppings, with American cheese replaced with pepperjack GoVeggie slices. Whatcha cookin’ today?!




So why is this Memorial Day different? Well…because I joined Beachbody! My cousin, Marta Maria, started up with them as a fitness client in order to achieve her weight loss goals. She was over 220 lbs, frustrated, and over it. Reaching out to a friend of hers who was a Beachbody coach, she signed up for one whole year of the Beachbody On Demand workouts + one month of the Shakeology (to try it out) for only $160! With Beachbody On Demand, her and her family were able to stream workouts anywhere & anytime on any device.


Over the years of getting healthy & fit and blogging about the process, I definitely dibble dabbled in Beachbody. I’ve completed Insanity, Hip Hop Abs, Rockin’ Body, and a few more. My wife and I also used to be daily drinkers of Shakeology, the daily dose of dense nutrition drink that is the cornerstone of success with the Beachbody On Demand workouts. One thing is though, we never officially stuck to it. We gave up on it. “It was too hard…”, we would say. But just recently, Marta Maria and I reconnected. My jaw was on the floor when I saw her before and after pictures. When I asked her how she’s been able to stay inspired to push through, she said Beachbody On Demand + Shakeology.



It’s $4/day for 30 servings, best used to replace one of your daily snacks or meals. It comes in a ton of amazing flavors with Greenberry, Chocolate + Strawberry among the top three, they even have vegan flavors with Café Latte being one of them. Greenberry has always been our favorite.


Of course, I was hesitant but realized that I am reaching another weight loss plateau. I need help to push forward. This is not my time to give up, it’s my time to keep going and hit the finish line. Are you ready to reach the finish line with me?


The Decision


As of today, the decision is made. I am taking the plunge and I am starting anew. Today is the day I am signing up and beginning the new chapter of my weight loss journey with the complimentary coaching service my cousin can provide me from joining her Beachbody support group. 21 Day Fix Extreme, here I come! My order is placed and my Greenberry Shakeology plus portion fix containers are on their way.




And, guess what else will be in there?! My coaching manual and training kit! I made the decision to help myself in order to help all you beautiful souls out there that want to reach your goals but don’t know how. I will be there to guide you every step of the way to ensure your success; you will not be alone in this journey! You will also have over 10 other ladies on the same mission as you through the My Challenge Tracker app, which all comes complimentarily included in your annual Beachbody On Demand purchase.


Keep tabs on my on here and my social media to see my #21DFX results!



Memorial Day Mantle Décor



You already know my house is covered in red, white and blue because the season is true...and upon us. Insert our beautifully spectacular Memorial Day Mantle Décor here!




Prep time:  5 minutes

Work time:  10 minutes

Total time:  15 minutes









  • 3 vases, clear

  • 1 frosted mason jar, red

  • American paper straws

  • 3-pk American flags

  • 2 sets of American silk flowers

  • 2 pails, silver

  • American garland



  • American wooden decor*

  • Ampersand (light up decorative art)

  • 2 AA Batteries



  1. Add paper straws, flags and silk flowers to different vases (we specifically added the star spangled paper straws to the red frosted mason jar).

  2. Place vases at different angles on your mantle.

  3. Add pails, wooden decor pieces, and additional artwork in empty areas matching with the corresponding colors.

  4. Install AA batteries in your light-up ampersand decorative art. Place where you desire.

  5. Use your garland as table scatter and scatter across your mantle.

  6. If you have any other American decor that will beautify your mantel, go ahead and add it! Everyone's mantel always ends up being unique.



* We bought the two American wooden decor pieces (flag & "stars + stripes") at the dollar section of Target.

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