Copper Mason Jar Bathroom Light Fixture

June 20, 2017

Our half bathroom downstairs, which is the main guest bathroom of the house, has gone through a lot of changes since we first purchased our home in December 2015. You can see some of the renovations on our Update Bathroom Faucet with Spray Paint post from last March. From changing the paint on the walls and the faucet—you've got to click that link to know what I'm talking about—to adding fresh hardware from other projects, changing switch plates and the whole works, this bathroom just needed one more thing to kick it into full farmhouse gear. The key to completing the half bath remodel venture was our Copper Mason Jar Bathroom Light Fixture, revamped right here at home in our own backyard.



During the time we wrote that initial post about updating our half bath faucet, the DIY project that became our beautiful Copper Mason Jar Bathroom Light Fixture hadn't even been thought of yet. Just like our false impressions about the faucet, we were under the impression that we were going to have to buy a brand-new bathroom light fixture that resembled the rustic, farmhouse vibe we were looking for in this bathroom. With a few changes here and there, we were able to come up with something grand, just like our Irish and Scottish friends would say.

The Idea


Since this was a last-minute adventure, we didn't take too many pictures of the process. It all happened one day that our friends Melissa and Chris were over the house. I was telling Meli all about the type of bathroom light fixture we had been looking for online to replace the half bath fixture. I told her we definitely wanted mason jars and if the fixture didn't come in an oil-rubbed bronze finish then it at least had to be copper. It couldn't be galvanized and it couldn't be satin nickel because it just wasn't what we were looking for or at least picturing in our mind. They were all so expensive.


Her eyes lit up and she said, "Nia, we can do it ourselves. Right now!" Of course, I was like, "Girl, you cray." But my best friend ain't no joke. She was serious.


We took the whole puppy down in just a couple minutes. And when I say "puppy" I mean the entire bathroom fixture. Like in three freaking minutes. I am not kidding. We were doing this and we were doing it now. Copper Mason Jar Bathroom Light Fixture, here we come!


Reduce . Reuse . Refurbish


We got rid of the frosted glass parts of the fixture because they were no use to us. This was part one. Reducing! We straight up tossed them because we knew there was nothing we could do with them and Meli did not want them either.


 We grabbed two clear mason jars right from my cupboard, washed and dried them to prepare for the project. Talk about reusing! Our kitchen literally has two cupboards full of all kinds of mason jars. There are purple, blue and green ones. Of course, we have a ton of clear ones and some strangely shaped ones, which are kept somewhere else. Well, it was super simple to reach in there and reuse some matching clear mason jars to make this project come to life and make it happen quickly.


Spray Painting


Using cardboard that I always have stashed in my shed for last minute spray painting projects, we prepped the area and grabbed a can of handy dandy copper spray paint. I've probably literally said the same sentence a ton of times right here on the blog. I guess it's because cans of spray paint are pretty handy dandy, aren't they?


We sprayed the whole fixture and left it to dry while we came up with a way to wire the whole thing because we didn't know if it would be easy or difficult. Let's just say thank God it turned out to be SO easy. There are a ton of projects that never make up on to the blog because they are just way too difficult to explain and maybe even impossible to recreate.


We had some mason jar lids that already had holes in them so those were very handy in order to make this project happen all in one day. We spray-painted those copper as well because they would be totally visible ones installed onto the fixture. We ordered them from Amazon and they come in galvanized steel. You can also make a hole in a mason jar lid yourself but it's a little more risky and complex.


Sealing the Deal


Using the piece that held the original fixture in place, which is like a large bolt, we were able to insert the mason jar lid with the premade hole and seal it tight with the screw. This piece come with most fixtures because it holds all the pieces together. No matter what fixture, you should be able to do this in order to add the jars. Then, we were able to install the small LED light bulb and twist on the mason jar. We didn't twist on the seal too tight in order to adjust the mason jar and show the logo on the front.


LED Light Bulbs


The key to this whole thing is making sure you have the right sized light bulbs because if not you'll end up just like us taking a run for the local Home Depot store and grabbing some small LED light bulbs. Of course, if you are following this tutorial then you'll read the exact materials needed below and hopefully follow the instructions, lol.


The whole thing with the smaller sized light bulbs is that if you put a regular sized light bulb on the fixture, it will fit, however; it will not fit inside the mason jar in order to close and completely seal. When Melissa and I realized that the regular light bulb did not fit inside the mason jar, we were smart enough to take a mason jar with us to the store to make sure we bought light bulbs that went all the way inside hence only making one trip out to Home Depot for this entire project.


If you have any questions due to the lack of photos, please feel free to ask and do not hesitate to reach out for some advice on how to revamp your bathroom fixture into a beautiful Copper Mason Jar Bathroom Light Fixture, or in any color for that matter.



Copper Mason Jar Bathroom Light Fixture


The key to completing the half bath remodel venture was our Copper Mason Jar Bathroom Light Fixture, revamped right here at home in our own backyard.



Prep time:  20 minutes

Work time:  5 hours

Total time:  5 hours 20 mins

Makes: 1 fixture












  1. Remove old light fixture using provided tools while following instructions (can find online).

  2. Clean your light fixture using Bar Keeper's Friend and a rag. This will remove dust, hair and crusty grossness.

  3. Place your light fixture and mason jar lids in the box facing up. Spray with paint at all angles. Allow to dry for a few hours.

  4. To repeat, spray with paint at all angles for another coat. Allow to for a few hours.

  5. Reinstall light fixture using provided tools while following instructions. After you've affixed it back onto the wall, insert the mason jar lid through the hole on the fixture (where the bulb gets attached). Seal this into place using the screw/bolt piece that comes with the fixture. Install the light bulb. Safely screw the mason jar into place. Repeat on the other side.




* We used copper but any color will do.

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