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Mardi Gras Mantle Décor

February 26, 2017

As much as we want to go to New Orleans this year for Mardi Gras, we have to face the music. We cannot make it happen. We have lots of work to do around the house and so much to save up for in order to have an awesome backpacking trip in Europe, come April. Next year, we vow to try harder. Forget trying, we will make it happen.



For this year, we’re just going to have to enjoy our Mardi Gras Mantle Décor and eat good food to celebrate as if we were dancing the night away in French Quarter. Most of all, I am dreaming of Café du Monde coffee. Best. Coffee. Ever. Hands down.


Dollar Tree


On one of our recent trips to the dollar store to grab some Valentine’s Day stuff, we scooped up some one-of-a-kind St. Patty’s day shiz. We came across some Mardi Gras stuff and thought, whoa whoa let’s slow it down. Well, before you know it, time flew by and V-Day was long gone. Mardi Gras became all the rage in our lives. We ran off to Dollar Tree hoping to find the garland we had seen for some light decorating.



To our surprise, they had SO much stuff! Masquerade masks, garland, flowers, candles, hats. You name it! They’ve even stocked up on Easter stuff. Right not they’ve got clearance Valentine things (I know right?) and St. Patrick’s and Easter AND Mardi Gras. I think you catch my drift.


We rounded up all the stuff that we could muster and brainstormed as we walked the rest of the store grabbing random stuff and tossing it into the cart. The anticipation and anxiety grows mostly as we stand in the checkout line waiting to pay. It’s like a game to see how much we saved by shopping cheaper and more economical. As expected, we spent minimal cash to decorate the house and it currently looks banging.


We even made a beautiful Mardi Gras Floral Arrangement.





Mardi Gras Mantle Décor


Masquerade masks, garland, flowers, candles, hats. You name it! Not all that glitters is gold with our Mardi Gras Mantle Décor but it sure does shine.


Prep time:  5 minutes

Work time:  10 minutes

Total time:  15 minutes











  • Ampersand (light up decorative art)

  • 2 AA Batteries



  1. Place glitter hats at different angles on your mantle.

  2. Add masquerade mask, candles, floral arrangement jars or vases and additional artwork in empty areas matching with the corresponding colors.

  3. Install AA batteries in your light-up ampersand decorative art. Place where you desire.

  4. Use your garland as table scatter and scatter across your mantle.

  5. If you have any other Mardi Gras decor that will beautify your mantel, go ahead and add it! Everyone's mantel always ends up being unique.

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