Maple Bacon Jam

September 22, 2015

How many posts of mine have started like this, "Who loves bacon?" I think probably over 10 times. So now I'm going to ask the million-dollar question. Who freaking loves bacon? I love bacon! AND I freaking love bacon jam. Bacon over everything. Bacon on my pancakes. Bacon with my eggs. Bacon in my soup. And, most indefinitely, bacon all over my damn salad.


It seems like it was just yesterday we were up in Philadelphia. My wife and I had gone to elope in Washington DC and Baltimore. We rented a car and had the sudden urge to take a phenomenal road trip. And that, ladies and gentlemen, we most certainly did! We stopped in several places and one of those being Philly. Everything in Philadelphia was perfect: the weather, the people, the sites, and the food.



Did I just mention the food? The food! Somehow we ended up there on the right day. We parked our rental car in an underground parking garage and, upon arriving to the sidewalk corner, we saw a beautiful farmers market in the heart of downtown. Of course, we spent at least an hour at the farmer’s market. We were able to see artwork and even taste some wonderful flavors. The one flavor and scent I cannot forget is that of Maple Bacon Jam.


All this time, I have been coming up with different versions; yet, none of them even came close to that of the Maple Bacon Jam I tried in Philly. I kept thinking it was because their version of Maple Bacon Jam had some refined sugar in it. This frustrated me. Of course, there was a moment when I regretted having it because sugar does not sit well with me, hence why it is not in my diet. Either way, I was convinced that my Maple Bacon Jam, although delicious, it would never taste like Philadelphia.


I am here to break the ice, my friends. The real and fresh version of Maple Bacon Jam is here and it kicks Philly's ass! Are you ready for a roller coaster ride of flavor? Make this!




Maple Bacon Jam


Have you ever wanted to bathe in bacon? If you haven't, then you will once you make this Maple Bacon Jam. It will be a hit in a dish or as a gift, however it is you wish.




Prep time: 10 mins

Cook time: 1 hour

Total time: 1 hour 10 mins

Yields: 10-12 oz









  1. Throw all your ingredients into the food processor. Pulse until crumbly, not creamy.

  2. Add jam mixture to a medium sized pot. Do not add oil, the bacon will produce it's own fat. Cover with a lid. Boil on medium high for 15 minutes without uncovering.

  3. Remove lid. Stir for 5-10 minutes. Lower heat. Cover again. Boil for another 10-15 minutes. Remove from heat. Allow to cool with no lid.

  4. Pour into a mason jar, or several as gifts.

  5. Refrigerate for use.



  • Bacon should be nitrate-free and no sugar added.

  • Lasts up to four weeks refrigerated (I doubt it will last you that long, though!).

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