Light Indie Salad

July 23, 2015

Today, our in-home family summer camp is officially over! It is a sad day for me. This is hard. Our family was here all weekend, as well. That really did enhance the last hurrah! For me, I have just about learned all the tips and tricks on family. Stay focused. Don’t bitch. Keep it together. And, love love love love!


Family is life. God is loveLife + love = longevity.


I guess even though my heart is completely shattered at the moment, I know that there is a better day ahead. There is a better time spent with them that will come in the right place and the right time.



I am practically ready now to hit the road. I head out to Miami right now to drop off coffee at home. Nobody in the family yet knows I am headed there. This is a quick drop off and back home. No matter what, we established long-lasting friendships with our littlest family members while they have their stay here in Orlando.


Isn’t this what we all strive for? I mean, when you think about it, it seems like everybody wants that these days. But, who is really working towards that anyway? I remember growing up I only had one cousin, Lala (of course), who actually cared about continuing to have quality time with me and keep that friendship long-lasting. Just because you are family doesn’t really mean your friends.


I have a small little ceramic tile with a beautiful quote engraved on it that I have hung in my kitchen. The quote reads, “Treat your family like friends and your friends like family.” Funny thing is that Lala’s mom, my Tía Neany, is the one who gave it to me to begin with! They began to renovate their kitchen and she removed it from the wall one day as I sat watching her organize her must keep & must toss items. She handed it right to me as she did so. I had so many memories of this quote hanging there in her kitchen through different phases of my life. I couldn’t believe it was being handed down to me to be placed in my own kitchen so that those who come and read it could have that feeling I still get when I read it.


With all that being said, one of our priorities this year was to make sure that we set out special quality time with our cousins as well as our niece and nephew. This is the prime time, people! If we don’t establish these relationships with our littlest members now, who is to say if they will even remember us tomorrow. We have to set the example. We have to do goodbye God and ourselves so that we can be the better example for those that come after us. As my heart breaks to say goodbye, I say hello to a beautiful future where our family will become one. A day where we will not worry if we are close enough to each other or not because we already will be.




Light Indie Salad


Most people knock Indian food without giving it a try. Try this Light Indie Salad to break the ice on those wonderful Indian flavors!



Prep time: 5 mins

Cook time: 5 mins

Total time: 10 mins

Serves: 2







Indian Vinaigrette





  1. Prepare your caramelized almonds following the recipe for Caramelized Nuts.

  2. Cut up your veggies.

  3. Fill a large bowl with your fresh spinach. Top with asparagus, peppers, onion, and raisins.

  4. Cook chicken breast until lightly browned. Allow to cool. Chop up.

  5. Whisk together ingredients for dressing in a measuring cup.

  6. Top salad with chicken and caramelized almonds. Drizzle dressing. Toss thoroughly.

  7. Garnish with lemon wedges.

  8. Serve.

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