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Lavender Honey Bites

February 25, 2016

I sure do love my cup of coffee bright and early in the morning, but; there’s nothing quite like a cup of tea in the late afternoon as the sun goes down. The sunsets here in city beautiful are just that, beautiful. When I have a cup of tea, almost always earl grey, I often crave a little something sweet. Preferably accompanied by a sweet little French macaron. When that is not possible, Lavender Honey Bites will suffice.



I am sure that not everyone is a fan of flowery desserts or treats, like I am. Just trust me on this one, though. There is nothing like the combination of fresh lavender, raw honey and natural lemon zest. These three flavors come together so nicely in this protein packed afternoon tea cookie. More like cookie dough bite or half-baked cookie. Whatevs! It’s almost too good to be true. Don’t get me wrong, you can eat them at any time of the day. My sweet Lavender Honey Bites are best eaten one at a time.


They are rich and decadent so one is more than enough. Unless you’re really into flowery goodies then, by all means, help yourself.





Wondering why I chose to use lavender instead of something more common? First, because I bought the most AMAZING whipped lavender honey made by Cloister Honey. Second, because I was inspired by the most delicious rose water infused French macaron I have ever tasted. Mind you, rose water infused anything is not something that is popular in America. You would probably think that I tried these while visiting in France and now they came up in a daydream.


But, I actually came to try them just this past December while cruising the streets of Winter Park, a local town. I popped my head into the Le Macaron & French Pastries shop to see what they had. As we all know, French macarons are naturally gluten-free as the main dry ingredient to bind the batter together is raw almond flour. And if you don’t know, now you know. I asked the nice young lady working the shop that afternoon which macaron had the least amount of unrefined sugars. I also stopped to inquire about something for an event I am planning (my Tuscan Winter Wedding)…read about that on the blog since it already passed now.



The lady pointed out the cutest rose pink miniature macaroon. She said she wasn’t sure if I would like the flowery taste. I, of course, tried to keep a straight face and shrug it off like it was no big deal. Little did she know how much I love flower infusions in my food. I told her that was a perfect selection for me, I asked her to box one up for me and ring me up.


Oh, and about the wedding, I made sure to snag a business card for a more detailed inquiry in the future. I could not wait till I got home to go Dutch on my rose water macaron with my sweetie pie. Once I finally had the opportunity to take a small bite, unfortunately that small bite meant half, I basically died and went to rose heaven. Is that a thing? It tasted amazing, smelled amazing, looked amazing. It was amazing! This was the beginning of my flower infused culinary adventure. I knew from that moment that I needed to get my hands on edible flowers, mainly freshly dried lavender buds and food grade rose water, to infuse into some upcoming dishes.


The Nitty Gritty


Whilst I have not had the opportunity to get my hands on some food grade rose water, I got in touch with the owner of a lavender farm online and we ordered 2 pounds of edible freshly dried lavender buds. I played around with this recipe for quite a while just to get the hints of lavender at a palatable level for anyone to enjoy, even those who are ehhh about the lavender. Just like my Shamrock Mint Bites, I follow a pretty basic recipe for these cookie dough style chunks of ooey gooey sweetness while tweaking it for just the right infusion of flavors.



Working with fresh mint sprigs or peppermint essential oil is much easier than it is to play around with the potency of lavender, that definitely comes with the territory. After many failed attempts at making Lavender Honey Bites, I finally succeeded recently with just the right amount of lavender buds. I squealed of joy after my first bite. I jumped around the kitchen screaming, “Yes! Yes. Yes!! Yes… YESSS!!” for approximately 30 minutes while doing a happy dance.


Tea Time


There’s nothing more relaxing in the world than sitting in your backyard overlooking the forest as the sun sets with a cup of earl grey tea in hand, pinky proudly held high in the air and the saucer filled with crumbs that lay leftover from half bitten pieces of my Lavender Honey Bites. Pop on some jazz music, maybe some Frank Sinatra or Ella Fitzgerald, and you’ve got yourself a date with yourself. It’s good for a woman’s state of mind to spend quality time with herself alone.


A perfect time spent with yourself letting the thoughts in your mind run wild and free. I love spending quality time with my wife but, just as I need to spend quality time with her, I need to do the same by setting aside a certain amount of time each day with me, myself and I. Like the Bible says, there is a time for everything. Time to spend in devotion to God, time to have intimacy with your spouse, time for an enjoyable adventure with the family, and even a time to spend invested in your own self. Lavender Honey Bites are perfect for just that. The zest of a fresh lemon is exhilarating, the lavender carries just the right amount of relaxation and the sweetness of the raw local honey is enough to make you swoon.



Once you make a batch of these, which makes about 26 of them, it might even be a good idea to save a few of your Lavender Honey Bites for an impromptu tea party with your girlfriends. When you think about it, 26 of these are kind of a lot and what’s better than to share food you love with those you love.


Are you or any of your friends the type to stop by each other’s houses unannounced? I guess it really depends who it is and why they are stopping by. But, if you are one of those, these are the perfect excuse to do so and pop your head in to say hello! If you’re not, that’s totally fine, invite a few friends over after work or call and offer to stop by to drop some of these off with a quick tea time pick me up.


Sharing is Caring


Speaking of, I have a few fresh ones leftover in the fridge and I might stop by my neighbor Linda’s house tomorrow before I go take my morning run in the woods behind the lake. You cannot go wrong at all by making these Lavender Honey Bites and stocking them up in the fridge because there’s definitely nothing worse than having a last-minute craving for something sweet—maybe even flowery—and having to go all out and make something right off the bat.


My Lavender Honey Bites stay fresh in the refrigerator anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks, I promise they will not last that long…especially if you have little ones who like to eat everything that mommy has. If you are going give something sweet to your Littles, there is nothing better than these wholesome, nutritious and healthy Lavender Honey Bites. Let me know what you think!





Lavender Honey Bites


The zest of a fresh lemon is exhilarating, the lavender carries just the right amount of relaxation and the sweetness of the raw local honey is enough to make you swoon; these Lavender Honey Bites are perfect for you.



Prep time:  45 mins

Cook time:  15 mins

Total time:  1 hour

Yields:  26-30









  1. Drain chickpeas. Wash well and remove outer layer.

  2. Zest lemon.

  3. Place all ingredients in the food processor. Pulse until completely smooth and velvety. Transfer the batter to a small bowl. Cover with plastic wrap. Refrigerate for 30 minutes.

  4. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.

  5. Remove from cookie dough from fridge. Using a melon baller, make little scoops and place on the cookie sheet.

  6. Refrigerate for 10-15 minutes.

  7. Store in an airtight container.

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