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Laundry Detergent Pods

May 13, 2015

I actually don’t think I’ve mentioned at all lately that we moved this March. It was a difficult move for me. My wife was working a lot to put in for the family while I was packing, planning, organizing and running our business. This left her practically no time to assist in packing or even in most of the labor work. Don’t get me wrong, she wanted to help but we also want to buy a house. Saving money is #1 on the list of 2015 priorities.


Moving is such a frustrating task. One does not imagine the work put into it when looking at it from the inside. When you look at it from the outside of the box, you get a taste of psycho and a hint of mania. This brought out so many emotions for me. Thank God for therapy!



For a person like me with tons of anxiety, this is not the kind of thing that you do by yourself. Now that I know this, we will be much better prepared for the next time. I sure will be hiring movers to assist in the process.


We are very hopeful that the next time we move, we will be moving into a home we own. We are working hard to achieve that goal. It takes a lot of cutting back, hard work and patience to save $$. Little by little, we get to where God wants us to be in every which way. This year, part of this huge change for the better, I decided I would become greener all around. This would include anything from beauty products, cleaning and more.


With this recipe, a family can cover their laundry detergent needs for the whole year! No more of using various liquids, powders, pods and sheets. You can have an all-in-one detergents with a few simple, green household ingredients almost everyone has. If you don’t have these ingredients, it’s okay! They have all these ingredients either at your local Dollar Tree, you know I’m their biggest fan, or Walmart for a very low price.


Are you ready to make the cheapest Laundry Detergent Pods you’ve ever bought in your life?! Ahem, I mean MADE. I probably sound like a freaking commercial by now but I SWEAR by this stuff. I’ve even given it away as a gift for new mothers, post on that coming later, so yeah it’s even safe for babies. How much greener can you get? You gotta try it yourself! Easier, greener & much cleaner! These sweet little Laundry Detergent Pods have changed my family's life for the better; they can do the same for you & yours.





Laundry Detergent Pods


Easier, greener & much cleaner! These sweet little Laundry Detergent Pods have changed my family's life for the better; they can do the same for you & yours.



Prep time:  5 mins

Work time:  5 mins

Total time:  10 mins

Yields:  100+ pods









  1. Cut Zote bar into a few chunks.

  2. In a food processor, pulse continuously until very crumbly. Add other dry ingredients slowly while pulsing.

  3. When completely pulverized, remove from food processor.

  4. If you do not mind powder detergent, pour detergent into a airtight container. Use 1 tbsp for regular loads; 2 tbsp for very soiled loads.

  5. If you prefer small pods, fill an ice cube tray with about 1 tbsp in each cube. Once packed in, add a few drops of water to each cube. Allow to air dry overnight. When dry, pop out your pods and put into an airtight container. Use 1 pod for regular loads; 2 pods for very soiled loads.



  • Safe for all skin types & babies

  • Clean & green

  • All-natural

* Feel free to use scent booster of choice.

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February 4, 2019

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