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August 17, 2014

If you finished college and got the degrees you wanted, what extracurricular classes would you take out of pure interest? Of course, I still want a Master's degree but I am not ready to commit to that just yet. I guess maybe I haven't gotten all the degrees I wanted, who cares? I know I will one day and I'll finally have the PhD I've dreamt of having my entire life.


This lifestyle I live is straight from heaven, yet; I do it because it's His plan and I know clearly going back to school full time or even part time isn't part of His plan, at least for right now it's not. For now, maybe a class in Oceanography can satisfy the craving for knowledge I currently have.


Now, let's talk kayaking! I absolutely love kayaking and anything to do with paddling. I've been talking a lot about it lately because I have been doing more of it lately but don't know if I have mentioned that it runs in the family. Many members of my family are into different kinds of paddling sports/activities. From my cousin being obsessed with SUP (stand up paddle boarding) to my aunt being in a professional Dragon Boat racing team called the Dragonslayers, you name it and they paddle!


Since getting back onto a kayak and back in the water, I am back to wanting to join a kayak team, for fun not professionally. I always hesitated doing so because I was living in Miami and knew that wasn't permanent for me. Had I joined a team, I would have moved and left behind the team. I would have failed them and I would have made relationships I know I cannot keep up with. Now that I am permanently stationed in Orlando, I can actually commit myself to a team to meet friends, paddle, and simply do what I love. What's your favorite sport or form of exercise?


Onto the actual purpose of this blog post, my DIY Jewelry Organizer! I have always been one to enjoy doing cool and creative arts and crafts projects because when I was little my mom was a stay-at-home-mom teaching me all of the wonderful things she knew how to do. Boy, does she know a lot! With all my organized hoarding and jewelry collecting, I have to get creative somehow on ways to put it away as well as organize it to not be such a mess.


I am done with the jewelry organizers to be put on a nightstand, dresser or armoire that hang bracelets and necklaces but aren't tall enough to keep the cords, chains, and other stuff from tangling up and laying all over the counter of the table. I am just over it. Over the overly crowded counters and the difficulty of finding the exact jewelry piece I am looking to wear for a specific occasion. This wall hanging Jewelry Organizer using a towel rod and toilet roll holder is just perfect for organization, facility of finding your favorite pieces and NO MORE MESS!!




Jewelry Organizer


This wall hanging Jewelry Organizer using inexpensive tools and equipment that can be purchased anywhere. This is just perfect for organization, facility of finding your favorite pieces, and NO MORE MESS!!





Prep time: 10 mins

Work time: 20 mins

Total time: 30 mins

Makes: 2 organizers












  1. Follow instructions for installing towel rack and toilet roll holder. Place one on top of the other (TOP: toilet roll holder; BOTTOM: towel rack).

  2. Unpack shower curtain hooks. Place them on towel rack.

  3. Hang bracelets on toilet roll holder. Hang necklaces on shower curtain hooks.



* Any metal will work just fine as long as it matches your room's style, we used satin nickel.

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