Irish Cream Shots

March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Today is the day that I have been ranting and raving about for a few weeks. I’ve been preparing all the dishes since last night for our St. Paddy’s dinner party {all on the blog}. You know we had to serve a cool and creamy beverage that was holiday inspired and these Irish Cream Shots are it! We got all the festive plates and napkins with gold glitter and green candles galore.



There’s nothing more festive than Irish Cream Shots on St. Patrick’s Day. But, making your typical Irish cream requires liqueurs that are filled with nothing but sugar. Anything from Bailey’s to Kahlúa can cause heartburn and indigestion. That is no way to celebrate this minty green holiday. We had to find a way to sneak in a healthy way to enjoy Irish cream on our menu for the evening. Irish Cream Shots it is and we are so glad we did.


When I was a teenager, I would go to the mall with my friends and always went straight to the Häagen-Dazs stand before we started walking around like little hooligans. I would order the Bailey’s shake with a hint of peppermint. These sweet, little Irish Cream Shots remind me of the flavor of those days. One thing though, these are even better! Might have something to do with the espresso tequila, or not?



The way I like to drink my Irish Cream Shots is to add the {optional} drop of peppermint to the bottom of the shot glass before pouring in the ounce of Avion Espresso Tequila. Top that leprechaun with creamy coconut milk and you have got yourself a heck of a holiday shot. There is nothing more beautiful than watching the way the coconut milk naturally swirls into the coffee infused tequila.


A lot of times making festive holiday drinks is costly and very time consuming. The bottle of Avion Espresso Tequila is only about twenty bucks and it’ll last you a lot more than just this one or two parties. It’s also easily accessible at any liquor store or supermarket.



We are pretty particular about the spirits we do buy from time to time and sip occasionally. There’s no competition when it comes to Avion Tequila and the entire tequila market. They are voted #1 tequila in the world so the fact that they have tequila infused coffee, more specifically espresso, makes this a win – win – win situation.


Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day and do not drink too much. Nothing in excess is good. Everything in moderation; that is the key. Pour up and drink up some Irish Cream Shots. You can take it quick or sip on it slowly. Either way, take your pick. Cheers!





Irish Cream Shots


If it isn't the luck of the Irish Cream Shots, this sweet & creamy drink will be the hit of your St. Patrick's Day event. I truly found the pot of gold.



Prep time:  2 mins

Cook time:  3 mins

Total time:  5 mins

Makes:  2 oz shot











  1. Chill your liquor.

  2. Pour a drop of peppermint to the bottom of a shot glass. Pour in the ounce of Avion Espresso Tequila. Slowly drizzle in the coconut milk.

  3. Bottom's up!



  • This shot can be mixed with a spoon and served on the rocks.

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