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8 Household Uses for Bar Keeper’s Friend

March 2, 2016

After becoming a true believer in Bar Keeper’s Friend, my favorites being the creamy liquid cleanser or the white powder, I feel it’s necessary to share the secret just like other bloggers shared their secret with me. When we bought our home this past December, I had no idea how much more cleaning I would be doing than ever before. Our house is pretty big and covers a lot of ground with plenty of square footage. This means more cleaning for me. Yay me!


There were so many things that I didn’t have to clean before I moved, mainly because there were items I didn’t have stainless steel appliances, rusty doors and hinges, and I sure never had this many windows. Don’t even get me started on the fact that I now have three bathrooms! Not to mention how dirty they were when we first moved in. Eww, super freaking yucky!



I tried just about everything to clean certain things (listed below) but I failed miserably. I won’t come on this post to knock other products that I do love and use on a daily basis just because they didn’t help me clean the dirtiest things. I didn’t know what other products to use to clean the filth and grime that was on every possible surface. Let’s just say I used a lot of different products and none of the ones that I had under my sink did the job like Bar Keeper’s Friend could.


Here are my top 8 Household Uses for Bar Keeper’s Friend:



1. Stainless steel appliances

I cannot even begin to tell you how many fingerprints I find on my stainless steel appliances on a daily basis. With one spray of Bar Keeper’s Friend on a microfiber cloth, they wipe right off and leave no smudges behind.


2. Rust marks & stains

Ready to throw something away because it’s too rusty? Think again. Spray a few mists of Bar Keeper’s Friend or apply your talcum powder and let it sit. Wash it off about 30 minutes later and you might not even need to scrub with the steel wool pad!


3. Pots & pans

I have thrown out so many pots and pans in my lifetime and, trust me, before I even tossed them, I attempted to restore them. With Bar Keeper’s Friend, I’ll probably never throw one out again. The talcum powder is best for this because it is abrasive and you will need to scrub it. So worth it, though! I haven’t been able to master cleaning the cookie sheets and pizza pans that I have, though so if you have any ideas on how to clean though, please let me know in the comments.


4. Ceramic dishes & dinnerware

If you’re like me, you have more than one set of ceramic dishes and an hour. Anything ceramic tends to get tons of minor scratches and marks all over them. With just one spray or two of Bar Keeper’s Friend, you can kiss those marks goodbye.


5. Glass, mirrors, windows

Ugh, cleaning glass, mirrors, windows or anything shiny is the absolute worst! And don’t you dare try to tell me you love to clean sliding glass doors because nobody does. I, personally, I do not enjoy cleaning fingerprints and slobber off of glass or mirrors. Just spray a microfiber cloth with some Bar Keeper’s Friend and wipe away. No streaks and no need for newspaper.


6. Toilets, sinks, bathtubs, shower

When we were moved into our new house, you would think that the previous owners had never clean the toilets a day in their life. And, if they never got around to that, it’s just no wonder they never got around to cleaning the sinks and bathtubs and showers. I did a good scrub down of all of the bathrooms using only Bar Keeper’s Friend and I removed over 35+ years of scum.


7. Stovetop, oven, drip pans

Gosh do I hate cleaning stovetop! Do you have a glass cooktop? I used to have the plain Jane electric cooktop with hot plates and drip pans. I actually miss those because they were easier to clean then the glasses because there’s always fingerprints or God knows what all over it! Now that I have a glass cooktop, Bar Keeper’s Friend is the easiest way to take all the grease off without any marks. Trust me, it’ll cut right through the grime on your drip pans, too. I’ve also used it to clean the inside of a really dirty oven and I put myself on the back when it looks like it was brand-new.


8. Dishwasher

Do you use the dishwasher at your house? We use it sparingly on days we are exhausted. Dishwashers can get pretty nasty over time. The crap stuck on pots, pans, dishes and all the like come off and go down the drain in there. Yuck! Pour some of you Bar Keeper’s Friend in the detergent compartment and run it on quick wash. BAM, just like magic the nasties are gone



After spending the first few weeks in our 100-year-old house frustrated, I am blessed to have found several different blog posts praising Bar Keeper’s Friend because I don’t think I would’ve found out about this product otherwise. Of course, I love to use all-natural green products that are environmentally friendly so I still had to do my own research before committing to a new product our household favorites tend to be Magic Eraser (made completely of melamine foam), Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap (only the most natural soap on the face of the planet), homemade products using essential oils, and the like.


Once I conducted plenty of research what Bar Keeper’s Friend is made out of and finding that it consists of only one ingredient—a chemical found in the leaves of the rhubarb plant—oxalic acid, I spent days telling my wife about how much I needed a bottle of Bar Keeper’s Friend in my life, like yesterday. They sell a few different versions, talcum powder and cleanser liquid.


Purchase a 2 pack of the powder on Amazon here or a 2 pack of the creamy liquid cleanser here.


We went to just about every store you can think of and did not find it. I was definitely bummed out because I thought this was a product that was widely sold in stores. Maybe it’s just that they don’t know too much about Bar Keeper’s Friend in my little corner of the earth. Boy, are they missing out! I am definitely planning on getting in touch with the manufacturer of this product to see if they can make it more available in Orlando because it should be.


Either way, my wife kept searching incessantly to find a bottle or a can of Bar Keeper’s Friend; finally, she found some hidden in the back of a bottom shelf in the cleaning products aisle at Publix. When she came home with that beautiful spray bottle of—I think I could now say it’s MY—Bar Keeper’s Friend. As long as I have my bottle of this stuff in my hand with a rag, my Bar Keeper’s Friend and I are invincible!


What else do you clean—or hope to clean—with Bar Keeper’s Friend?


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