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How To Paint Your Wooden Fence

March 29, 2016

Are you looking to paint your wooden fence? Don’t know what you are even doing? You’ve come to the right place.


This post is a Q&A based on a project that our cousin Cathy and Titi Lisa completed. They painted the wooden fence in their backyard to start off their outdoor renovation, which is off to a swell start. The answers to our questions are a combination of both Cathy and Lisa’s answers. Once you see the before and after pictures, you will see what a great job they did on painting their wooden fence. Now let’s get to it!



How to paint your wooden fence:


Quick before picture



Q: How did you select the color to paint your wooden fence?


A: When we went to the paint section of Home Depot, there was a huge display of BEHR outdoor paint and we chose the color that seemed the richest and darkest to match the back door. We, also, wanted it to match the exterior paint of the house.



Q: What products did you use? Why did you choose them?

A: We made sure to select paint that is specific for wood to protect against rain and sun. We also looked for paint that would last a couple of years without having to repaint all over again. We used 3 kinds of brushes and 3 cans of BEHR Premium DeckOver—in the color Cordovan Brown SC-104—to get the painting done. A medium roller paint brush to paint the biggest areas of the wood, a large paint brush to go over where the roller and have a smooth finish and a small fine angel hair brush to paint over all the corners, sides, nooks and crannies.



Amazing beautiful after



Q: Were you following a blog tutorial or going at your own pace?


A: We went at our own pace without any previous experience.


Q: Once you started the project, was there anything you noticed you were missing? If so, what else did you need?


A: No, we did not need any other products, but; we did run out of paint. We had to go out to get more paint.



Q: How long did the project take to complete from start to finish?


A: 2 full days. We took advantage of the weekend and worked all of Saturday and Sunday.



So there you have it! That is a wrap on our family's "How To Paint Your Wooden Fence"!





How To Paint Your Wooden Fence


Learn how to paint your wooden fence in a few easy steps. No complicated directions or strange tools. Grab paint and brushes to get you well on your way.



Prep time:  30 mins

Work time:  2 days

Total time:  2 days, 30 mins

Makes:  1 fence








  1. Pour some paint into the aluminum tray.

  2. Using your roller brush, dip into the tray. Wipe excess paint on the edge of the tray. Begin painting the biggest areas of the wood fence. Dip again as needed. Complete the entire fence using this, for the exception of nooks and crannies. Using your large brush, dip into the tray. Wipe excess paint on the edge of the tray. Dip again as needed. Brush the largest areas that remain uncovered. Using your small brush, dip into the tray lightly. Wipe excess paint on the edge of the tray. Carefully brush over all corners, sides, nooks and crannies that have not been painted.

  3. Allow to fully dry and cure for 24-48 hours before opening, using, or touching the fence.



* Cordovan Brown SC-104—amount of paint depends on the size of your fence.

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