Hanging Cork Trivets with Scrabble Tile Letters

January 28, 2019


Not gonna lie, I legit did not know what to name this post. I am honestly still not even content with my choice. The point is, you needed to see this DIY for yourself and I needed to stop being so damn greedy about this cool idea because I have not seen it anywhere, at all, online.




Yippee for me who made it up and womp for me who’s been a dicker hiding this amazing secret. Here goes! You’re going to love it and I hope you take this idea and make it your own. Please, do, share it with me. Send me an email, DM me, comment on this post or tag me on your social media.



When it comes to materials used for this project, I had everything already in my possession. You might, too. I had cork trivets from IKEA [used for hot pots/pans and as coasters for cups/jars], cute rolls of ribbon, hot glue gun, Scrabble tiles, metallic push pins and tacks—totally optional.



I like to pick up tiny rolls of $1 ribbon at the “dollar section” of Target <--- we all know that it is NO longer an area of the store that sells things only for a dollar: *huffs and puffs*. Okay, over it, moving on.


The ribbon rolls are still $1 soooo that remains accurate. I save the little rolls lined up in these galvanized steel bins from Dollar Tree inside of my craft closet. When a crazy idea comes into my mind, I always have a variety to choose from, this spruces up everything and ties it together—literally.




Ok, ok, ok. I will leave you to it. Make this. Pin it before you forget it.



Hanging Cork Trivets with Scrabble Tile Letters



Nothing says POP like adding this cool Hanging Cork Trivets with Scrabble Tile Letters DIY project to your living space for the best gallery wall vibes!


Prep time: 5 mins

Work time: 15 mins

Total time: 20 mins







  1. Plug in your hot glue gun.

  2. Set out your cork trivets and pick through the scrabble tiles for your letters. If you run out of specific letters like I did, use the blank tiles or the back of a letter your don’t need. Carefully, write the letter with corresponding point value with a sharpie.

  3. Pump just a bit of glue onto each letter and push down on the cork trivet about 1” apart from each other. Repeat to each trivet you want to do a name on.

  4. Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to hold all the trivets together with about 4” from each other. Line up the finished trivets and turn them over. Glue the ribbon in a straight line down the back of the trivets. If you want added support, use simple tacks to keep the ribbon in place with the trivet. Repeat until all held together.

  5. Glue the ends of the ribbon over for a seamless look. Using two copper push pins, add to your gallery wall for a pop!


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