Halloween Mason Jar Terrarium

October 9, 2014

Halloween is never a holiday I truly celebrate or worship. The whole "Day of the Dead" thing really doesn't intrigue me in one bit. I do, however, enjoy seeing kids dress up in cute costumes and making goodies for the kids of the family to enjoy. This year being in Orlando for the first time and away from the family, we won't be trick-o-treating with the girls, Herlis and Nohely, or dress up for fun.


We decided we'd do one of our favorite Halloween treats: watch a movie! Nobody goes to the movies on Halloween. If people aren't out getting drunk in sexy costumes or knocking on people's doors for candy, they are sure not to be found at the movie theater. This year we're going to watch The Book of Life. A new cute, cartoon movie. I enjoy those.



I love October! Not only because it's my birthday on the 2nd but because it's the beginning of all things Fall and all things red and orange. In Florida, there is not much leave changing or Autumn, at all. Luckily, I have plans to go to NYC next week so I am going to get all the Fall and Autumn leaves in my system that one needs during this time of year. Either way, once I am back my living room, and possibly the whole house, will be fully decorated in Autumn style. We are ready for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and all things Fall and family.


Recently, my best friend Lisa came to visit us. She had a concert here in Orlando so we told her to please come and stay with us. She did! It feels so good to be with the people we love. Although it was a short 3 days, she's coming back for Thanksgiving to spend it with us like we did last year. We have so much fun cooking together. We laugh so hard and smile so big and those are the memories that fill my heart with absolute joy. I wish we could spend more time together but I know one day when she finally gets into culinary school, she will be right here with me in my city. City Beautiful.



Back to my Halloween Mason Jar Terrarium, I found a pin on Pinterest, where I get a ton of my inspiration from, that had a Halloween Mason Jar Terrarium made inside a jar. It was cute but, as always, I knew I could make something better. I pinned it on one of my secret boards and went to town at the Dollar Tree near my home. I swear they have everything there. I bought all the things I needed and brought them home to get ready for DIY city in my kitchen.


With the hot glue gun plugged in, moss all over the counter, pieces of gauze, Styrofoam and cardboard, I was just about set the mood for Halloween. I was practically building the home of the Pumpkin King himself, Jack Skellington. Yes, yes, you should all know by now about my absolute obsession with all things Disney, including The Nightmare Before Christmas. Especially since last year for Christmas, that was the theme for our decorations. This Halloween Mason Jar Terrarium was not only super simple to create but also fun to include the children.



Arts and crafts time was always my favorite with my mom as a child. I will never forget all the memories in the kitchen and on the breakfast table while she taught me all she knew about creativity and DIY projects. Most of my ideas, found on Pinterest boards or not, also stem from things my mother taught me in those days. This Halloween Mason Jar Terrarium reminds me of just that.




Halloween Mason Jar Terrarium


Halloween is a fun holiday but making this mason jar terrarium is funner! Get your arts and crafts supplies ready to make this Halloween Mason Jar Terrarium come to life.





Prep time: 15 mins

Work time: 1 hour

Total time: 1 hr 15 mins

Makes: 1 terrarium








  1. Plug in your hot glue gun.

  2. Cut large Styrofoam in half with a knife. This is the bottom of your terrarium. Set aside.

  3. Cut 2 pieces of gauze with a scissor about 3-4 inches long. Set aside.

  4. Insert a toothpick into each 1 inch Styrofoam ball. These are the heads of your ghosts. Set aside.

  5. Cut cardboard into a small rectangle. Use black Sharpie to decorate it with “RIP” or little cracks to represent a tombstone. Set aside.

  6. Color a small part of your paper with your Sharpie. Allow a few seconds to dry. Once dry, punch 4 holes in the black part of the paper. These will be the eyes of the ghosts. Set aside.

  7. Fold the gauze sheets in half. Add a little glue to your ghost heads. Paste them into the crease of the gauze sheets. Shape the sheet to your liking. Put a bit of glue on the back side of your ghost eyes. Paste two onto each of your ghost heads. Allow to dry. Insert toothpicks into the large Styrofoam half. You can push one toothpick in more than the other to give one of them a heightened look as if they are floating.

  8. Glue your cardboard tombstone and pumpkin on the Styrofoam. Allow to dry.

  9. Now that almost everything is glued and inserted, we are ready for the moss! Glue the moss in all the empty spaces between your ghosts, pumpkin, and tombstone to give it that dead grass look.

  10. Open your mason jar and insert your Halloween town into it carefully. Once it is situated, it won’t move much. To make sure it’s secure, throw in some moss and press it down into the empty spaces between the glass and Styrofoam using your scissor.

  11. Seal the jar. Using your knife and some pressure, cut a slit into the top of the mason jar lid. This may or may not be pretty but it won’t be visible, I promise. Remove the lid. Glue your battery-operated tea light to the inside of the lid with the ON and OFF switch inserted through the slit, as in the picture above. Seal your terrarium and allow to dry.

  12. Now, your terrarium can be turned on or off as you please. The battery-operated tea light has a flickering effect to resemble a real candle giving the look of a real Halloween town in your very own Halloween Mason Jar Terrarium.



  • Remember everything was purchased at Dollar Tree. Some of the materials are replaceable by whatever you have at home as well.

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