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Hair Lightening Treatment

September 5, 2015

I have been just about dying for a natural Hair Lightening Treatment. When we went to Myrtle Beach this past May, I purchased this cool John Frieda beach hair spray that swears it would lighten your hair without even touching any rays. Because their product marketing is awesome, and I'm a sucker for good advertising, I ended up actually purchasing it. Yes, me, the everything-must-be-natural-and-healthy-for-me lady! I actually fell for their gimmick and purchase their product. Not that their products are terrible for you, only some of the mower, this one isn't so bad. After reading through the ingredients and realizing I can use at home products to make my own, I knew I would be replacing this with one of my own as soon as the bottle was empty. It did actually work and I left my hair feeling oh so beachy.



With this new realization, I knew I had to come up with two different options: a creamy paste application that seemed more like hair dye and an easy on-the-go spray bottle that would fit just about anywhere. I ended up using up almost the entire bottle of my beachy hair spray while on our Myrtle trip. This just put fire to the flame of my urged to create my own Hair Lightening Treatment. I did lots of research before figuring out the right combination of ingredients to be successful. Little bit of this and a little bit of that, top it off with pixie dust and BAM! You've got yourself an all-inclusive Hair Lightening Treatment that comes in two forms. Could you ask for anything better?


Take it from me, use this recipe instead of busting your head trying to create your own. I much rather prefer the hair spray than paste. I say this because the hair spray is easily accessible and travel handy, which I absolutely love! The paste is good for an at-home style treatment. I am more of an on-the-go style type of girl. I like to carry the little bottle of spray in my purse. I ended up funneling my Hair Lightening Treatment into the empty John Frieda bottle. It was yellow so I had to. Just in case you didn't know, my favorite color is yellow and, if I could, I would have yellow everything including yellow eyeballs.



Now, quickly moving on, I'm just so happy I don't need to feel the urge of wanting to change my hair color anymore. It's been over 4 years now since I have died my hair or bleached it. I was the girl in college with bright pink hair and streaks of other colors. Of course, this came with lots of damage to my roots and scalp. I ignored it for years. After coming to terms with the fact that I wasn't living a healthy life, I knew lots of things had to go and one of them was dying and bleaching my hair. As my hair grew, I chopped off the dead ends and burnt parts that were now only residual, soon only minimal. Over time, I became used to the idea of sticking to my natural dark brown hair. I missed the days when I had virgin hair. Those were the days when I would go outside and my hair would glisten with natural red highlights in the sunshine. These days were no more and I certainly missed them.


Every time I've had urged to dye my hair in the last few years, I have remembered all the damage but I had to work through once I made the decision to stop altering my hair color. Still within me, I have the urge to see a change in my hair. Earlier this year, I chopped it all off and donated to think 14 inch strands of hair to Locks of Love, an organization in South Florida that uses virgin or natural hair to make wigs for those in need. Cutting my hair was not enough to satisfy the urge to have the color change. The fire was sent in my heart when I bought that beach hair spray for Myrtle Beach.


Using my own Hair Lightening Treatment, I can now see that changing my hair I was looking for with items I've already had in my house and in an easily accessible way. I hope that many of you enjoy this little tutorial and the Hair Lightening Treatment even more! Tootles.




P.S. You better believe that I brought this with me along on The Legendary Road Trip.


Hair Lightening Treatment


Finally a homemade Hair Lightening Treatment that works and is permanent, if used as directed.



Prep time: 5 mins

Cook time: 10 mins

Total time: 15 mins

Yields: varies per type









  • Throwing all your ingredients except the hydrogen peroxide and into the food processor. Get ready because it will be noisy! Pulse ingredients until it becomes like a paste. Depending upon the size of your vitamin C tablets, this may take a while. Be patient.


For the paste

  1. Remove the Hair Lightening Treatment paste from the food processor and transfer to a bowl. Add hydrogen peroxide slowly as you mix it in. Use as much as you'd like until it reaches the consistency you desire for a creamy application to your hair.

  2. Once the paste is complete, transfer to a mason jar and head over to the bathroom. Make sure your hair is dry before beginning.

  3. Using your bare hands, incorporate the paste into your hair starting at the roots making your way all the way to the ends. You could apply like massaging to the scalp to really get in there. Once your hair is fully saturated in the paste, wrap your hair up in a small bun and seal it with a shower cap. Leave on the paste anywhere between 30 and 45 minutes. Set a timer!

  4. When the timer rings, jump in the shower as you normally would and rinse it off. Results should be almost instant but could take a few tries to get to the desired color.

  5. If any paste is left over*, seal it in the mason jar and put it in a dark cupboard.


For the spray

  1. Remove the Hair Lightening Treatment paste from the food processor and transfer to a bowl. Add hydrogen peroxide slowly as you mix it in. Use as much as you'd like until it reaches the consistency you desire for liquid application to your hair.

  2. Once the liquid is complete, transfer to a spray bottle using a funnel and head over to the bathroom.

  3. Your hair may be wet or dry for the liquid application to your hair. Spray the desired amount onto your hair and style as you normally would. Rock this hair all day as the magic works itself into your roots. Results should be almost instant but could take a few tries to get to the desired color.

  4. Store with your usual hair products in your bathroom cabinet for as long as you'd like.



  • The paste is best if used upon completion but will last up to a week in a dark cupboard.

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