Guest Room Up-do Ideas

February 4, 2019


I love hosting people at my house and that should come as no surprise to you all, my readers. I am sure I talk about this all the time [4 Top Tips to Host Guests] but I’ve never actually dedicated a post to the decor of the room and ways to up-do a guest space with little to no money.


It’s truly the little things in life that bring love into a space and personalize it with character. Do you want to stun your next overnight visitors, be it friends or family? Scroll down further for five of the easiest Guest Room Up-do Ideas that you can do yourself, quickly and for the low!



  1. Artwork

    • This is the first and funnest one! From old picture frames with fun family photos to random free prints on Pinterest in repurposed thrift frames, you can use anything to decorate your visiting space.

    • My favorite pieces of art for a guest room are my chalkboard “WiFi Password” print from my Aloha Paper shop and any of the Old English letters or lettering from my friend’s Etsy, Designs by Tamara Lee.

  2. Pillows

    • GIVE ME ALL THE PILLOWS! It’s legit a constant battle with my wife at home about the amount of throw pillows I have everywhere. Where to put them all?! I’ve settled to using them in seasons and committed to storing the unused ones inside space bags in the attic.

    • Quick trick? Buy less pillows and more cushion covers to maximize your collection of pillow while optimizing storage. Mix the patterns and prints. Be bold. Don’t be scared to not match. Anything goes! Check out my Amazon store to see my favorite cushion covers in the "home" section.

  3. Trinkets

    • Got random trinkets and gimmicks around the house? Store some in your guest room on a side table. A good book to read, fragrant candle to burn with a matchbook or lighter and maybe coasters for a nighttime glass of water.

  4. Window treatments

    • Nothing beats window treatments for privacy. It’s great for your visitors to be able to open up the curtains or blinds in the morning and get some refreshing sunlight to brighten the room.

    • Of course, the same goes for when the sun sets and moon comes out to play! You want to be sure your guests feel comfy to change into jammies by having the option to up the privacy real quick.

  5. Closet space

    • Last, but not least, guests love a place to hang or put away their stuff. You don’t need to have a dedicated dresser with empty drawers. A small area with hangers, a shelf for folded or a chair to open luggage, either one will do just the trick.





I truly hope you enjoyed my five easy to do Guest Room Up-do Ideas. If you have any good ideas of stuff I can add to this list, bring it on! I’d love to hear more from you.




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