Gingerbread Hand Scrub

November 13, 2014

I love healthy beauty products! Everything natural, scented with yummy fragrances, and all things girly. I love shopping at Lush, for example, but their products are expensive and I could practically make it at home. There's, also, this store that I absolutely love that they only have in New York, or so I think. It's called Sabon. They sell all things delicious to soak in and light up. The most amazing hand and feet scrub in the world. Lush and Sabon have something in common: all natural ingredients.


There is something fun yet powerful about being able to use your own hands to make things. To cook food. To clean. To love. To hold. To sew. To workout. To work. To type. To write. And, to make things. I love to use my hands. I love to use things that are laying around the house to make gifts, or even something simple to buy at the local Dollar Tree, which I have ranted and raved about how much I love, and make wonderful skin products that I can gift to friends and family. Just like this Gingerbread Hand Scrub.



I have always wanted to make a sugar or salt scrub. My cousin Lala and I have talked about it for ages. We always end up buying a really expensive hand scrub with a ton of crappy ingredients and no real softness or skin improvement after use. Hand scrub has just been something on the back burner for years. I dream about it. I pin about it. Blog about it and even Instagram about it but have done nothing about it for so long. Just this week, I got up and said, "I'm hitting the dollar store and I am going to make sugar hand scrub!" So, guess what I did?! I made this amazing DIY: Gingerbread Hand Scrub!


One of my good friends, Natasha, has a skin condition on her hands. And, before I continue, yes, I have her permission to share her story/testimony regarding this hand scrub.


Back to Tasha... Her hands are rough. They peel. They itch. Her skin on the palms of her hands and fingertips have been suffering without a diagnosis for the last three years. Countless doctors and appointments later, there is no solution for her skin condition. Just as this condition appeared mysteriously, this Gingerbread Hand Scrub has miraculously began to heal her.


She was over the house the day I made this. It took me all 10 minutes to make and she watched as I did. She thought these cute little DIY hand scrub gifts for Christmas using natural ingredients were perfect! Little did she know I planned on gifting her one knowing about her hands. I asked her to sample a bit that was left over for testing with me. As I insisted, she obliged. I felt her hands after and I almost couldn't believe it. They weren't immediately soft but they were definitely softer than usual. This is when I knew I had created something magical and wonderful with the use of natural ingredients.


Of course, you are probably wondering what is the verdict of this glistening Gingerbread Hand Scrub and my friend Tasha's hands. As you might have imagined, having seen the clear and obvious instant improvement in the condition of her hands by using this homemade hand scrub, I gave it to her now rather than Christmas. Just recently she has updated me after using this every day for about a week. Her hands are almost brand new. They are not peeling, cracking, or bleeding. They are soft. They are not itchy. And, they get better every day.


I am sure now that this gift in combination with a few other DIY projects I have up my sleeve, will be the perfect gift for my girlfriends, cousins, aunts, etc. I just cannot wait to see their hands after a good scrub with this delicious apple pie spice infused Gingerbread Hand Scrub. It really brings all the joys of this holiday season upon unscrewing of the lid. I hope you enjoy making these, using it on your precious hands, and gifting to your favorite girls as much as I have!




Gingerbread Hand Scrub


Gingerbread Hand Scrub is made with all natural ingredients, such as vitamin E oil for the skin, apple pie spice & everything nice to pamper you.



Prep time: 2 mins

Work time: 3 mins

Total time: 5 mins

Yields: 6








  1. In a large bowl, mix oil and sugar together with your hands. Slowly mix in apple pie spice.

  2. Fill your mason jars to the brim and seal. Cut 6 (5 inch) strands of your twine. String a jingle bell onto each strand. Wrap a strand around each jar and tie a bow.

  3. Your scrub is now ready for gifting and/or use.

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