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Financial Reflection

February 3, 2016

I’m headed back home from a weekend trip in Miami. It was my cousin’s birthday, Lala, whom I talk about often on the blog. I always say she’s my sister-mother-cousin. It’s an all-encompassing way that I can describe who she is to me as the influence she’s had in my life. She’s about seven years older than me but the age difference never interfered with our relationship.



Through all the ups and downs, the least that I could do was drive down to Miami to spend her birthday with her, whether that included seeing other family members or not. It was an overall great time. I left on Sunday and they all planned to have a family gathering/get together at her parents’ house at 3 PM. I didn’t race or try to beat the clock, just wanted to make it safely and on time. It was a wonderful time alone and allowed me to reflect on my life. Something about driving on the road alone on an early-morning gets my mind rolling and thinking about the future, Jesus, nature, and anything under the sun, including ideas to be even more successful all the way around in life.



There is so much more that I want to do with my life. I already have Aloha Paper Boutique, my digital print/paper shop, and Sunrise Interpreting Services, my sign language interpreter referral agency. These are my two main companies that I run on a daily basis from around the world. It does consume a lot of my time; yet, as fulfilling as that is for me, I always want to do more and be better and find room to grow financially within God’s will. I know it’s possible because He’s landed a lot on my lap over the years while in recovery. He has molded me into a person I didn’t know that I could be. I can handle things that I didn’t think I would ever have been able to handle before and, with Him, I have succeeded. He has definitely put on my heart this year to pour out more energy into Essentially Healed. I want to let Him guide me to that.



With that in mind, comes change. Finances are not everything; I will attest to that. Trust me that after purchasing a home and spending our life’s savings, which we expected to use on purchasing some house years from now {God is so good that He couldn’t make us wait that long}, we are tighter than the usual. I never talk about money on the blog but I’ve decided it’s about time that I start doing so. If I’m going to be transparent and talk about all the things that matter to me and all that pertains to our life as a family, then I need to start opening up about things that are typically uncomfortable for one to talk about. This is including myself personally and it relates to finances…


I have an upcoming post about goals that I set two years ago or so and it’s absolutely breathtaking that I’ve been able to overcome most of them through believing in Jesus, trusting Him and pushing forward. I’m not the type to invest in companies a promise residual income because they basically teach you to beg your family, friends and anyone you come across to invest money in your own business with the promise that they will double their money.



I don’t think it would come as a surprise to you that most of those people out there making empty promises about doubling or tripling your money are probably pretty broke themselves and they think this is the only scheme they can use to be successful. Maybe you’re one of those and I’m sorry if I offended you but I write this only based on my own experience.


You don’t need to dish out money to make more money, and; getting rich doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Investments are definitely great ideas but starting off on an investment before getting your money straight is a bad idea. I think we’re all going to learn something this year about finances as we all take the plunge to talk about it and make it an open topic. We will get to investments eventually, for now, let’s reflect on what goals we want to set for the coming months. Hit me up in the comments!


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February 12, 2019

February 4, 2019

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February 4, 2019

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