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Finance Fridays: Cozi Family Calendar

March 26, 2016

Good afternoon, beautiful people. Today is Friday and you know what that meansFinance Fridays! And, also, Good Friday. Our family has been using the Cozi calendar—rated one of the top must-have family apps—for a little over a year now. It has done wonders for our family and brought us closer together indefinitely. It has even allowed us to relieve some financial obligations by marking things down in our shared calendar to pay off debt.




For quite some time there we were frustrated with paper to do lists and reminders. Remembering birthdays was overwhelming. Actually making it to the vet on the right day, at the right time was nearly impossible. We never knew who had an appointment written down on our calendar in the kitchen or on our smartphones, which were never linked together. My wife and I were fed up!


That’s when she set out to find and build a new family system. She searched and searched and finally found Cozi. She downloaded the app onto her phone and set it all up for us. She gave me the login information and told me to download the app on my iPhone. We discussed that we would test it out for a few weeks. We absolutely loved it so after our initial trial period we upgraded to Cozi gold. Once I logged in, I knew we were never going back to our old system, which basically is absolutely no system with.





Here are 6 of our favorite features from Cozi Gold:


  1. Family Calendar

    • This is the easiest way to manage schedules and payments in one location the whole family can see. You can select a color for each family member before starting to use the app. Import your Google calendar to quickly get set up, just like we did as we were migrating from Android to Apple. View individual schedules, or the whole family at once in a color-coded calendar. Get reminders so no one misses a workshop/training, medical appointment, a bill payment or an important meeting. Send an agenda email for the upcoming week to any family member you choose. Use Cozi’s schedule feature to enter recurring activities like church gatherings or childcare. You can even see your calendar in big, plain view right on your desktop with the Cozi family calendar gadget.

  2. To-Do Lists

    • Is your to-do list five miles long? Me too! There used to be sticky notes on absolutely everything. Notes and reminders in different notebooks. There was no way to get organized until we found Cozi. We are able to create shared or individual lists for anyone in the family, easily reorder items by priority, add headers to organize subgroups, add due dates to items that appear on your calendar, and even use a pre-made planning checklist from the Cozi list library.

  3. Shopping Lists

    • Writing a grocery list has never been easier. Create lists for anything you’d like to track or remember. I have different lists for shopping to stay organized. I use one for groceries, toiletries, household needs, etc. Easily drag and drop items in your list to organize them by grocery aisle or category. Within each, I have created headers, such as “produce, meats, snacks, paper products”. Get your lists while you’re on the go with Cozi’s mobile apps. You can even add ingredients to your shopping list from any recipe in your Cozi Meals recipe box.

  4. Meals

    • Completely over your recipe box? So were we. Now, we store all our recipes in one place—online and easy to access. Add ingredients from your recipes to your Cozi shopping list with one click. Everyone in the family can drag and drop your recipes to create a plan for the week. The meal plan is visible to everyone in the family—no more questions about what’s for dinner! Add dinner ideas from your favorite websites to your recipe box—it’s a great way to get up and running quickly.

  5. Family Journal

    • Although we don’t use this feature as often, we are trying to make it a point to incorporate it into our lives. The family journal helps you keep memories you don’t want to forget. Share journal updates and family milestones or news via email, on a private family website, and on the news feeds of family and friend’s Facebook accounts. Jot down a memory and upload a photo if you want. It’s kinda like a family blog, but easier since everyone in the family can add to it. The fast and simple way to keep memories and fun everyday moments, so you can enjoy them again and again. No need to write a novel, just a sentence or two will do.

  6. Birthday Tracker

    • Add everyone’s birthday once and never do it again! We did it all in just a few days. Now, we only have to keep track of newly born babies. You can input their name, age, and when you would like to be reminded. We set annual reminders for each person: one the day before and one on the day of. It will remind you how old they are turning and keeps the family in sync. This might be one of our favorite features because it keeps our gift game on point.


We love Cozi and we are so happy we upgraded our family to Cozi Gold. It truly keeps us in sync as a family and keeps us in the know of everything we have to get done.


This is not a sponsored post. We just find that Cozi has made such a big improvement in our lives all around that we had to share it with everyone.


Cozi is accessible by everyone in the family and on any platform (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android phones and tablets, mobile web browser). Our favorite ways to access our family Cozi Gold account is through our iPhones.


Cozi Gold is $29.99/year (that’s just $2.50/month!) and is available via in-app purchase. Just one of the features mentioned above is more than enough of a reason to spend the money on the annual membership fee. It lives up to its name and more.



This is what some people say about upgrading to Cozi Gold:


“When we learned that Gold applied to every device in the family, we went for it.”
–Stephanie (mom)


“The monthly view in the app alone is worth upgrading to Gold!”
–Tammy (mom)


“We use Cozi Gold and it’s the lifeblood of our family. The upgrade to the Gold version was totally worth it for us.”
–Heather (mom)


“We just upgraded to Gold — we like Cozi that much!”
–Scott (dad)



Do you use the Cozi family app? If you haven’t started using it, what are you waiting for? Start your free trial today and never turn back. Say bye-bye to chaos and hello to Cozi!


Happy last few days of Spring Break!


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