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Finance Fridays: 101 Ways to Save at Dollar Tree

February 27, 2016

Welcome to this week’s Finance Fridays session! This week it’s all about savings by cutting back and finding a better place to make your purchases.


Looking for 101 Ways to Save at Dollar Tree? I’ve got them! You can ask anyone who knows me, I love the Dollar Tree. After millions of trips Dollar Tree stores around the country, I know my way around the store and I know where the true bargains are.


Here are 101 Ways to Save at Dollar Tree that our family uses:



Cleaning Products
1. Oxygen bleach

Did you know that oxygen bleach is the ingredient that made Oxyclean famous? This is also one of the main ingredients in my cute, pink, powerful Laundry Detergent Pods. A container of brand name oxygen bleach can cost up to $9 per pound in retail stores. I always have some under my sink to put extra in my laundry for a stain booster.

2. Borax

Another main ingredient in my Laundry Detergent Pods! You can get a box of this at the store for about $3 but why even spend that if you can save at the Dollar Tree? There are so many ways to use Borax, too, don’t get me started.

3. Baking soda

I know it’s getting old already but this is in my Laundry Detergent Pods, too. I use this for so many things: absorb odor in the refrigerator, make homemade goo gone, carpet deodorizer, teeth whitening, shampoo, and much more!

4. Dish soap

They carry the exact dish soap our family likes to use, the pink Dawn one. We buy one bottle every couple of months so it comes down to practically pennies to use.

5. Mopping solution

We are long time lovers of Fabuloso mopping solution. Growing up Hispanic, my mother loved either Mistolin or Fabuloso. As an adult, I have come to loooove the spring bouquet one. It’s not only because it’s pink—okay it sort of is—but it smells absolutely amazing.

6. Bleach

I don’t use bleach often. I get allergies, like most people do. But when it comes to washing whites and white towels, I don’t really have a choice—in my book. I hate the smell of vinegar. Like actually repulses me so a bottle of that crap never enters my house. Apparently since the natural way of whitening is out the window, bleach is in and I get it cheap!

7. Dryer sheets

These are great! Dryer sheets have many uses at my house. Not only do they have so many options for dryer sheets at Dollar Tree, they smell so We prefer the clean linen, gives the clothes an extra boost even after using my Laundry Detergent Pods, which smell like heaven. After we dry clothes, we keep them to dust around the house before tossing them.

8. Dishwashing detergent

For the days that we don’t want to wash dishes and there’s a heck of a load, we just want to kick back and let the dishwasher roll. We get an awesome box of Sun dishwashing detergent that lasts us almost a whole year for just a buck since we wash dishes mostly manually each day. It’s a great price for a product that is good and lasts forever.

9. Drain opener

Don’t you hate when your shower or sink drain is clogged? Why spend $15 on a bottle of drain opener at a retail store when they sell it for a friggin’ dollar? It gets the job done the first time and you saved about an arm and a leg.

10. Window cleaner

They sell the real deal: Windex! There’s no reason to spend $4 in the grocery store when Dollar Tree sells the exact same size.

11. Sponges

I don’t buy their sponges for my dishes, we use Scrub Daddy, but I buy them to clean around the house. They are useful and efficient. They always come more than 2 in a pack.

12. Soap dispensing sponge

This is great to clean shower wall! Fill it with your favorite cleaner and scrub away the grime.

13. Mop

Someone has to polish the floor, might as well do it with a good mop.

14. Broom

Don’t we all need a broom? I actually have three of them!

15. Dust pan

Can’t have one without the other! Most times they come separate but it’s worth the buy.

16. Static dusters

We have a beautiful pink Swiffer duster, seeing a pattern here? The replacements are expensive in stores! I used to buy them; now, I buy them for a dollar and it comes with about 12 in a pack.

17. Floor cleaning cloths

We have a pink floor Swiffer so we like to use it with these inexpensive floor cleaning cloths. They also come with about 12 in a pack. They have them wet and dry.

18. Disinfectant wipes

We always have a pack of these in the glove compartment of the car. These are easy to clean the car quickly or clean up a mess. You can never be too clean!

19. Latex gloves

A gold old pack of 8 will last you a long time! They also sell a 2 pack of the sturdy ones. With these two options, you just can’t go wrong.

20. Steel wool pads

Easy peasy pot and pan scouring is possible with soap filled steel wool pads.

21. Toilet paper

Need back up toilet paper in your guest bathrooms? They have a big pack just for that.

22. Air freshener

Any scent, any brand, you name it, they have it!


Kitchen Supplies
23. Tupperware

We have a nice collection of pink BPA free, microwaveable, dishwasher safe Tupperware. You know where we got them all? That’s right, Dollar Tree! Most of them came in a 2 pack. They have so many kinds of Tupperware in so many colors, shapes, sizes, brands, etc.

24. Plastic wrap

We like to use the plastic wrap caps that are reusable and, also, have a roll of plastic wrap as back up. They sell both! $1 for more than a year’s worth of plastic wrap.

25. Aluminum foil

You’ve got to make sure to get the thicker one when you pick some aluminum foil up at the Dollar Tree because they do sell a very thin one. I do have to say that the thicker one is great and it comes in a really big roll that I have had for 2+ years.

26. Freezer bags

There’s always stuff to freeze: veggies, beans, waffles, you name it! Now, it’s cheap and easy to store.

27. Sandwich bags

We don’t eat sandwiches but maybe you do! I love these for travel and to store kitchen stuff in.

28. Snack bags

Perfect to pack up trail mix or loose craft items. Even for that open pack of seasoning, this is just the right size.

29. Garbage bags

Tall kitchen bags, bathroom bags, black outdoor bags, they’ve got it! I have a pack of them all. My favorites are the bathroom bags that are pink because they smell like roses.

30. Kitchen towels

They have great kitchen towels! All colors and sizes and materials. My favorites are the microfiber ones or the holiday themed ones.

31. Oven mitts

Same thing here, I love the holiday themed oven mitts! They have all kinds in different colors and styles.

32. Baking powder

So many uses for baking powder in the kitchen! When baking, this is a commonly needed essential.

33. Cooking utensils

From spatulas to wooden spoons, they have it all: measuring cups & spoons, piping bags, etc.

34. Baking trays

Cookie sheets, pie pans, pizza pans, muffin trays, cupcake molds, and much more. Anything you need for baking, they have it.

35. Stemless wine glasses

Do I need to say more? We are currently waiting for our order in the mail to be shipped to our local store because they just recently came in stock.

36. Coca-Cola glasses

My maternal grandfather worked for the Coca-Cola as an executive most of his life. This heavily influenced the Coca-Cola paraphernalia we had at my house growing up. I have bought several of these as flower vases.

37. Ceramic coffee mugs

Great gifts to give to those who love coffee! All you need is a plain mug and you can decorate it with a sharpie or with nail polish.

38. Dessert shot glasses

I love to host dinner parties! I have an array of dessert shot glasses specifically for my gatherings. One of my personal favorites is to make cute desserts using one of my sets.

39. Martini glasses

Need I say more? Martini glasses are a must have for any household that loves to do some entertaining.

40. Champagne flutes

Every couple needs champagne flutes even if it’s just for sparkling water/juice! When it calls for a celebration, whip these out and celebrate.

41. Corkscrew

Crack open your wine with an inexpensive, yet functional corkscrew. They come in different styles and colors.

42. Bottle opener

How else will you get your beer bottle or soda pop open? With an easy-access bottle opener, that’s how.


Décor & Organization
43. Picture frames

Nowadays, it’s hard getting your hands on sturdy, inexpensive picture frames that will last. I get mine in a variety of sizes, styles, shapes, colors, etc. I have some that I’ve had for years and they’re still hanging strong; others I use for holiday prints from Aloha Paper Boutique.

44. Wall art

There are different seasons of the year where they sell adorable wall art pieces, mostly with neat quotes and such. Our favorites are the ones that are on blocks of wood.

45. Glass vases

Besides the Coca-Cola collectable glasses, we do love regular flower vases for different uses and Dollar Tree has plenty.

46. Candles

From large to mini, they have it all. Our favorite is the clean linen, roses, and balsam fir needle. They candle sticks, pillars, and some even come in quaint little mason jars.


Outdoor & Gardening
47. Bags of charcoal

Don’t have a gas fueled barbecue grill? Neither do we—for the moment at least! They sell big bags of charcoal that are great for grilling. One bag can last two grilling sessions or one long one.

48. Flammable disks

These are great for those who hate to lug around a bag of charcoal for grilling but don’t have an electric grill. You peel the top layer of aluminum, light it up and let it roll. They are made by Bic and retail for $7 a piece.

49. BBQ lighters

Need to fuel your grill or light a candle that is deep inside the jar? A pack of 2 will last quite a while and they won’t disappoint. They also only sell the childproof ones, that’s a plus!

50. Solar-power stake lights

Absolutely adorable little garden stake lights. You pop them in the dirt, let them charge with the sun all day and watch them glow all night.

51. Garden gloves

Can’t do any gardening without the right gloves, can you? I didn’t think so! I got the cutest sunflower garden gloves that are extremely durable.

52. Wind chimes

If this is your thing, they have the best wind chimes ever, in every color and design you can imagine.

53. Pinwheels

I have a love of outdoor pinwheels. For every season, I grab some holiday theme pinwheels to decorate the patio.

54. Hanging wire baskets

I love hanging plants and these are perfect to do so! Indoor and outdoor.

55. Terracotta pots

Small, medium, large. They even have mini itty bitty terracotta pots. From gifts to actual gardening, these are perfect.

56. Bird feeders

I love watching birds feed off our bird feeders. It’s a pleasant surprise to see them flying around enjoying themselves.

57. Box matches

Everyone needs boxed matched! They sell them in a pack of 12 small ones or one large box.

58. Spray bottles

Plastic and stainless steel, either for gardening or for anything else.



Crafts, Gifts & More


59. Mason jars

Mason jars are at the top of our favorites list. They sell them in different sizes and colors. Some have handles, some don’t. Way cheaper than in store.

60. Wrapping paper

There is no such thing as too much wrapping paper. There is always a holiday or someone’s birthday.

61. Gift bags

These are my favorite! Every holiday, every celebration, every color, shape and size. I can grab some for any occasion.

62. Packing tissue

A must-have to pack up a gift bag for a friend.

63. Baskets

Love making gift baskets? So do I! They carry the best baskets. Some for organizing and some for gift giving.

64. Basket shred

Does your basket need a little fluff? They have every kind of basket shred. My favorite is the brown one because it’s natural.

65. Greeting cards

2 for $1! I know, right? That is super crazy because everything is already a dollar.

66. Brown paper bags

They also have them in other colors besides brown but I love them to use as party favor bags.

67. Goodie bags

Yeah, they have those, too. Really cute ones with different prints and stuff.



Stocking Stuffers
68. Coloring books

Our niece, nephew, and little cousin (hence the picture of them three coloring at our wedding) love to color so I can never buy enough of these.


69. Crayons

You can’t color without the crayons! Their variety pack is the best.


70. Puzzles

We love puzzles at our house, we have a bunch for when people come to visit.


71. Nail polish

I love to paint my nails and love to give some to our niece and cousins so they can do their own.


72. Headphones

Kids love headphones but when you buy them the expensive ones, they tend to break them or lose them. These are perfect to not spare too much money.


73. Socks

They have the comfiest socks in all sizes: kids and adults. They even have cute themed ones.



Pet Supplies
74. Rope toys

Bentley Mac adores his ropes. They last forever and most of them are from Dollar Tree.

75. Tennis balls

They have large packs of balls in different colors. They are awesome and sturdy!

76. Stuffed animals

The kind with fluff and the kind with a squeaky heart, they have them all!

77. Poop bags

If you’ve already gotta pick up the poop, might as well have plenty of bags to do so and the best are the ones you clip to your leash.

78. Bird food

Perfect to fill up my various bird feeders.

79. Treat jars

They have these adorable containers that have either bones or paw prints on them.

80. Bowls

We have a few BPA free pet bowls we take with us when traveling. Super durable.



Office Supplies
81. Envelopes

We have businesses to run and that comes with the need for envelopes in every size, the safety ones, in fact.

82. Pens

Ball-point, liquid-y or whichever you prefer. I always have blue, black and red readily available.

83. Pencils

2 and click-y lead pencils for the kids or even for your own exams.

84. Highlighters

You can never have too many highlighters!

85. White out

I personally like both the dry kind and the liquid kind. We use them both in the office.

86. Post-it notes

Our offices are FULL of post-it notes. Reminders for absolutely everything on colorful paper.

87. Adhesive flags

When I am studying a topic and reading a book, I love to use adhesive flags to notate where I would like to go back to.

88. Push pins

They have so many it’s hard to decide! My most recent purchase were cute little wooden ones for our family bulletin board.

89. Tacks

I love tacks! They sell them in silver, gold, black, white, striped. Ugh, so cute and a must-have office supply.

90. Paper clips

You can never have enough paper clips. So many get lost so it’s never worth overpaying for them.

91. Binder clips

A big box of these can last a lifetime. The best ones are the variety pack with different sizes.

92. Notebooks/pads

Composition books, spiral note pads and more.

93. Index cards

Note-taking and speech rehearsing is important. Using cue cards is the best way to get through it.

94. Binders

Three-ring binders and others. They even have cute tiny ones!

95. Clipboards

Love clipboards? So do I, especially the half-size ones.



Party Supplies
96. Tablecloths

Easy to withhold a mess while hosting a dinner party. Finished up? Toss away!

97. Paper plates

We have a bunch of these for every holiday season. They always save the day.

98. Plastic cups

Gotta have the matching cups! Or, at least cute clear ones in cool colors.

99. Plastic utensils

Their large variety pack can last a long time or cover a few parties. Our favorite is the silver and gold set.

100. Serving trays

They have beautiful trays to serve food! They have so many options.

101. Napkins

Oh, last but not least, you cannot forget the matching napkins.



And, that’s a wrap! Let me know any other things you think I missed.




P.S. They even have balloons, but that would be 102 AND for bonus 103, they have printer paper.

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