Replacement of Zero Maintenance Faucet Disaster

March 9, 2016

It won’t come as a surprise to you that the master bath had to be replaced in our house! So many things with such little time but some stuff had to get done due to priority. One morning about a week ago, we were brushing our teeth in the morning and heard a sudden gushing sounds coming from under the sink.


To our surprise, it was completely flooded under there and the water just would not stop. My honey shut the water valve off immediately and we had to finish up brushing in the guest bathroom. Of course, I text our friend Chris right away to ask him when he could come by to check it out. I was pretty freaked out about it because it was our first major plumbing issue since we moved. He said he would come that same afternoon after he got out of work. Yay! Thank goodness for Godly people. When he came over, he gave us a quick and painless diagnosis. The old faucet had to be replaced! This was something we were planning on doing down the line but had to bring it up higher on the priority list sooner than later.



Chris went home that night and we went to Home Depot the following morning to pick out our beautiful oil rubbed bronze Moen faucet for the master bathroom. I wish we had a double sink vanity! For now, one gorgeous faucet will do the trick. He came over to help us install it and that is when the horror began! As he twisted and turned on some bolts and screws to loosen up the disgustingly old faucet, he came to find that there was zero maintenance done on this faucet for the last 35 years! 



He brought out gunks of nasty crap out of the drain and had to replace most of the pipes because they were so old and corroded. This must be one of the most disgusting DIY projects I’ve ever taken part in. I have to be straight up with you all, I spent most of the time practically gagging in the corner as my wife and Chris worked on replacing the faucet. I knew in that very moment that this was just the beginning of true homeownership.



The good thing about being a homeowner is that all the repairs are for the greater good, at the end of the day—whether you live out the rest of your dying days there, resell or use it as an investment property in the future. When you are a renter, any repairs that have to be done that come out of your pocket are only beneficial to you in that very moment but not in the long run. Trust me, I have racked up my share of expenses as a renter in my day.



Many landlords, like my previous one, would not repair anything for the life of him. All the maintenance that had to be done to the Raleigh house had to be paid out-of-pocket and the property didn’t even belong to us! We had to leave all the faucets we replaced in that old house; it is such a change to toss out the old master bathroom faucet of our new home, replace it with a new one we fell in love with and embrace it each morning as our very own. This faucet will never belong to anyone else—unless we get to the day when our house is so full of children that we have to move into a bigger, single-family home {we are currently in a town home} and then we rent it out to someone to make a living off of our original investment. I mean, I’m just saying.



When you look at the outcome of replacing a zero maintenance faucet, you can’t really complain because it doesn’t take you too much work to do, not on my part anyway. This step-by-step tutorial is courtesy of our good friend family member Chris Oakley. He is a true handyman by trade and he is basically invisible. I have never come across a project that he cannot master. I don’t think there ever has been a time where we approach him with an idea that we need advice on without him being able to assist us in executing it. He has taught us so much about home repair in the last few years, and; now, as homeowners, this is just the beginning of what there is to learn from him as it relates to repairing our home and doing some hands-on remodeling ourselves. There’s much more to do around the house but we had to start somewhere. Now that we’ve checked that off of the list, stay tuned for much more to come!



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