Essential Oil Bug Repellent Spray

February 27, 2016

Do you get chewed up by bugs and mosquitoes easily when you go outside? Have you been stung by just about every flying creature out there? If your answer is yes, then let me tell you…me too!


Growing up and living in Florida is not exactly a breeze—pun intended. As a child, I distinctly remember citronella candles burning in all their glory at all of the outdoor family parties, basically all of them. That pungent yet refreshing scent is one I will never forget. For years, I carried a small bottle of bug spray in my car to spray myself wherever I go.



Do you know how many chemicals are in one of those things? It’s horrible! Worst of all, people actually spray this on their kids. If you use this at home, don’t feel bad because you’re obviously not here by accident and it’s no coincidence you will leave learning something; you can throw out that bottle of toxic bug spray today and make your own Essential Oil Bug Repellent Spray right at home!


Remember my American Citronella Bug Repellent? When I ordered the citronella essential oil in the mail for the Fourth of July, I had only thought of a few ideas of what to use for like candle making or maybe some sort of cream to protect against bug bites. Coming up with that project was part of the inspo for this Essential Oil Bug Repellent Spray, I just went through different phases of development. The more I thought about it, the more I thought nobody in their right mind would want to lather bug repellent cream all over themselves, or their kids, as if it was sunscreen. Trust me, I wouldn’t particularly like to be covered in sticky bug repellent cream either.



I did a ready come up with an Essential Oil Boo-Boo Salve, which is great at healing cuts, wounds and even bug bites. At the same time, I do want to feel like my skin is protected when I go outside to be active since the outdoors are always calling my name. I don’t always want to wait till I have already been bitten to start protecting my skin. So I thought, why not come up with something that leaves more towards preventative care? And, then, my Essential Oil Bug Repellent Spray was born!


Essential oils are the major key for me to keep my family healthy, safe and protected at all times. There is nothing like natural and holistic medicine. With a few drops of your citronella and lime essential oils mixed with witch hazel, you’ve got a power fighting combination against mosquito bites, bee stings and all the like. Using essential oils is a great way to take care of yourself without using any toxic products or ingredients in you and your family’s everyday life. I picked up a nice stainless steel spray bottle at my local Whole Foods store right off of Turkey Lake Road to keep my Essential Oil Bug Repellent Spray from going bad or rancid. It has been faithful to me since the very day I made it. And, I still have about half the bottle left. How about that, huh? I have taken it all over the world, sprayed myself almost every day, shared it with family & friends who are visiting and partaking in outdoorsy activities with us, AND; it hasn’t run out just yet! If that doesn’t tell you something about what you need to do once you finish reading this post, I don’t know what else will.



What is so neat about this is that it follows one of my favorite rules of thumb, “just set it and forget it“. Who would have known? Something that started for us somewhat like an experiment saved our family from any bugs you can think of as we traveled cross-country last year for The Legendary Road Trip. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times we high-fived after a successful day outside without a single red bump or itchy patch of skin. Each and every single morning, we would spray ourselves down with our Essential Oil Bug Repellent Spray. Once we were off to explore for the day, we would leave our spray bottle in a cool dry place in our family car. It became one of daily those routines along with everything else we do each morning. I love that we only had to bring it out once a day and not be continuously worried about having to do another spray down midday. Way before the beginning of my essential oil days, I would have sprayed myself 19 times a day and still found myself full of little red bumps that itched for days on end.


I am sure the chemicals inside store-bought bug repellent spray don’t help much with protecting your skin anyway. Just a few sprays of my Essential Oil Bug Repellent Spray leaves me feeling protected and refreshed. What more could you ask for without quick, inexpensive and healthy way to prevent bugs from attacking your beautiful skin? Stay smart by using essential oils and your life will be Essentially Healed.





Essential Oil Bug Repellent Spray


Throw out that bottle of toxic bug spray today and make your own Essential Oil Bug Repellent Spray right at home!



Prep time:  2 minutes

Work time:  5 minutes

Total time:  7 minutes

Makes: 4-8 oz








Essential Oils



  1. Open up spray bottle and insert funnel to pour in witch hazel. Remove funnel.

  2. Add drops of essential oils. Close spray bottle.

  3. Store in a cool, dry place.

  4. Always shake before applying.



* Optional for woodsy, empowering scent.

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