Essential Oil Flea Tick Mosquito Spray

June 4, 2017

It’s the summer bug season again! We know that means a little critter infestation could slowly make its way into our home. Each summer, Bentley struggles with them, as do we. With our essential oil based Flea Tick Mosquito Spray, your pets will be free of any pests all summer long. Hopefully, Bentley Mac, too!


Every single summer, my wife and I struggle to get the fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes out of our lives. We live in Florida, more specifically Central FL, which is lush with greenery and wildlife. The bugs are real here, you guys, and they don’t go away.



Say goodbye to summer critter infestations! Using our Essential Oil Flea Tick Mosquito Spray, Bentley Mac, our beautiful 4-yo Weimaraner, has been able to live a more peaceful and relaxing summer without the pests that probably eat him alive. We know what it is like to sit outside and get chewed up by bugs in the summer while trying to grill some grass-fed burgers*…that’s the same feeling they must feel. 


My wife and I make all attempts to spray our boy multiple times a day with this stuff. Essential Oil Flea Tick Mosquito Spray is completely non-toxic and all-natural. We use high quality essential oils, mostly the Now brand. This is tried and proved for our family to work. If you forget to use it for a few days, it is possible for the creepy crawlers to make their way back so don’t forget. Trust us, it’s happened.



Remember that this is not a permanent fix because it needs to be used routinely. It’s okay to forget but don’t make it a routine to forget. No repellent is truly ever permanent. The reason it needs to be reused often is because the essential oils that are the based of the repellent make the fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and other bugs unattracted to your pet. The moment they are running or walking about unprotected, they can flood right back because they live in nature: grass, trees, mulch, dirt, etc


We don’t mind the routine of using our homemade Essential Oil Flea Tick Mosquito Spray because we know it’s safe for Bentley and it is safe for our family. This is the kind of homemade repellent that we would choose over any strange over the counter or prescription based pharmaceutical that is known for hurting pets.


* For bug repelling on children and adults, see here more information on our non-toxic and all-natural Essential Oil Bug Repellent Spray.



Essential Oil Flea Tick Mosquito Spray


With our essential oil based Flea Tick Mosquito Spray, your pets will be free of any pests all summer long. Say goodbye to summer critter infestations!



Prep time:  2 minutes

Work time:  5 minutes

Total time:  7 minutes

Makes: 8 oz






Essential Oils





  1. Mix oils in spray bottle. Top off with your carrier oil. Fill to the top with filtered water. Seal. Shake to combine.

  2. To kill or repel fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, spray directly onto your pet or service animal prior to your walks and prior to bedtime.



* It is preferred that your spray bottle be empty from no previous use and BPA free. If your spray bottle has been used before, make sure to clean it very well and allow it to dry completely before adding any of your ingredients to it.

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