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Copper Dog Toy Basket

July 12, 2016

Copper wire baskets are expensive! They can be extremely costly if you find the ones made of real copper in stores like West Elm or Pottery Barn {of which I love}. But who wants to spend $30+ for a copper wire basket to store dog toys in? I sure don’t. With my six pack of copper spray paint cans that recently came in the mail from Home Depot, I was ready to turn my house into copper wonderland. Okay, fine. Not the whole house! There are just some things like this Copper Dog Toy Basket that make the house come together without much more than a dime out of pocket.



I had a random, prospective plastic basket laying around the house that would make perfect for Bentley. I thought it would be nice, and decorative, to have a Copper Dog Toy Basket to store all of his goodies that look like fabric pancakes. We previously had a big planter filled with his toys in one of the corners of our master bedroom. It was ideal storage for the boy back at the Raleigh house, which was one level. The house we own has two floors. And, although he takes toys upstairs on his own for sure, his Copper Dog Toy Basket is servicing him much better downstairs.



Of course, it would’ve been much easier to take the labor out of this project and just pick up a copper basket at the store. But what fun would that be? We are absolutely loving the pop of color this Copper Dog Toy Basket gives the living room. We set it right next to his water and food bowls by the patio sliding glass door. It’s adorable to see him scrambling through his basket various times in the day to pick the perfect toy to play with.



This easy access Copper Dog Toy Basket sure means a big mess quite a few times a day for us. But, the smile on his face when he’s playing is priceless enough to not let the mess bother us that much.



Tired of toys laying around and absolutely nowhere to put them? Take an extra step towards a clutter free home by making this super simple Copper Dog Toy Basket for your home.




Copper Dog Toy Basket


This easy access Copper Dog Toy Basket is beautifully decorative to store all of his goodies that look like fabric pancakes, ropes, and other doggie things galore.



Prep time: 15 mins

Work time: 2 hours

Total time: 2 hrs 15 mins

Makes: 1 basket









  1. Place your basket in the box laying upside down. Spray with paint at all angles. Allow to dry for an hour.

  2. To repeat, flip the basket right side up. Spray with paint at all angles. Allow to dry for one hour.

  3. Cut one 6-inch strand of burlap twine. Using your hole puncher, punch two holes on your chalkboard gift tag with an inch of space in between. String twine through the holes on the chalkboard tag. Tie the tag tightly onto the front of the basket. Write your dog's name with chalk; for example: "Peter's Toys".

  4. Place near your dog's bowl of food and water for easy access and clean up each day.

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