Leave-In Conditioning Hair Oil

April 20, 2016

I always end up talking about haircare on the blog on my crunchy beauty post days. Ahh, I just can’t help it. And I couldn’t help but hurry to share a new recipe I came up with Leave-In Conditioning Hair Oil. To me, the look, feel and overall health of my hair is much more important than putting on makeup. Hair is everything! Having strong and beautiful hair is not only every girl’s dream but can completely determine how your day will begin—and end.


Using all natural products sometimes means surrendering your old ways for no more worries. By not using conditioner, that means that my hair doesn’t come out of the shower feeling like there is a whole entire bottle of lotion on it. My hair is squeaky clean right out of the shower. And while you may be thinking that what I’m explaining means I’m not washing my hair correctly—or conditioning, for that matter—you’re wrong.



Trust me. I was in your shoes not that long and I was wrong, too. I was very happy with my hair regime but I was constantly longing for the feeling of soft silky hair right out of the shower. My hair is paper straight, naturally, so I always let my hair dry on its own without the need for a blow dryer. Plus, my hair is super greasy so I had to cut the conditioner and replace it somehow. My hair dries pretty quickly by itself and will be fully voluminous and shiny within a half hour of having stepped out of the shower. But that’s not the thing. The thing is that I’m a girl and I’m needy. And I will use that excuse to the very end as long as I can find a solution to it. All-natural, of course. That’s where my Leave-In Conditioning Hair Oil comes in!


A bad hair day is much more than just that. It flat out means you’re going to have a bad day. Who wants that? I sure don’t. I struggled with bad hair days for a very long time and just couldn’t get a grip on myself when it came to using all natural hair care products, whether it be homemade or from Lush. I switch on and off between my homemade Lush Big Shampoo and the “Honey I Washed My Hair” shampoo bar straight from the store. I love making my own stuff but sometimes I just have to go back to a shampoo bar sometimes because there’s nothing like it.



I’m not the type to get hands-on with making my own soap though because the thought of working with lye makes me super uneasy. I hate to knock their product and have made my own, see here, but I still buy stuff from them all the time because I truly believe and trust in their products. Regardless of what I’m using on a daily basis to shampoo my hair, I’ve completely cut out conditioner from my life. I remember the day I finished my last drop of conditioner like it was yesterday. I tend to over exaggerate time sometimes because I really stopped using conditioner a long time ago. That was a weird sentence.


After I finish washing my hair with the homemade stuff or my shampoo bar, I do a full blown cold rinse and spray my hair with my homemade conditioner—that’ll come onto the blog soon enough. I’m totally used to freezing in the shower with super cold water because sometime last summer I started doing intermittent showers. I’ll spoke more about that in an upcoming post on the blog. Let’s just say it’s good enough for your overall health that I would be willing to freeze in the shower every couple of minutes on a daily basis. If you’re interested in learning more about intermittent showers, read on here.





Leave-In Conditioning Hair Oil


Cut the conditioner today! It's now easier than ever when you can replace your old regime with our homemade Leave-In Conditioning Hair Oil.



Prep time:  2 mins

Work time:  3 mins

Total time:  5 mins

Makes: 1 oz








Essential Oils



  1. Using your funnel, mix oils in glass bottle.

  2. Use dropper for precise drops. 7 to 10 drops will do just the trick.

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