Comfy Patio Lounge

February 12, 2019


Old post coming in hot. Wrote this a while back. Still under construction but comfy for the time being.


Seriously guys, one of the longest projects known to man has been turning my main outdoor conversation area into the Comfy Patio Lounge that I’ve fallen in love with [while we wait to redo the floors].


I can finally just open up the sliding glass doors and go lay out on the couch or take a seat on our dark brown and gold speckles cork bench and just take in the moment in the good outdoors.



Really, all it took was some good old energy, elbow grease and the willingness to build some furniture. The outdoor pillows have been the icing on the cake and Penelope in these pictures is clearly the cherry on top. Everything from the copper baskets filled with pine cones and dry citrus fruits from Christmas to the garlands hanging off of the sliding glass doors and everything else in between, I am just so in love.


Ultimately, there is so much more that we could both do to make it even cozier, such as the new flooring and maybe an outdoor rug, but it’s so perfect for us at this current moment. My favorite part of our Comfy Patio Lounge is seeing the joyous faces of our friends and loved ones when they take a seat outside and let out a big sigh of relief and comfort.


It’s funny because this has been the least worked on area in the entire house and it seems to get the most compliments since it’s heavily trafficked when we have visitors. It’s just so comfy out there that even if it’s blistering hot, I may consider going out there for a few minutes. And, don’t let me get started on the sound of the rain on the tin roof above the patio. Makes me reminisce on my old jam out sessions of Julie Roberts’ “rain on the tin roof” and “break down here” days. I kid you not when it rains hard sometimes, I play the former.






Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty! The beige and bronze iron sectional sofa is from the outdoor section of Lowe’s. My parents got this very same set and recommended it to us. Sadly, it’s discontinued. Womp, womp. We actually considered ordering additional pieces to make it longer. You see, we’re always thinking of making our house more cozy. The “stay awhile” pillow is from the dollar section of Target, truly a steal and only $3! The two navy blue pillows were two for $5 at Walmart during their summer clearance sale last year. I think they still sell them. The two groovy floral print pillows I happened to find while at the checkout counter of my local Goodwill with my bestie, Rachel. Funny enough, they are actually made of outdoor cushion material.



Our final cork bench was from IKEA’s old cork collection. This used to be our coffee table prior to Penny coming home but it was so low to the ground that she could jump right on to it so outside it went. We, in turn, brought the cork bench that was at the dining room table and turned that into our current coffee table. (Insert our new cream colored leather chairs here).


We live in Florida where the weather is very wet. Contrary to popular believe, cork is a very sanitary material. It’s antimicrobial due to the pores in the surface. Everything dries right off in the sunlight if it gets wet from a night of rain. It’s extremely easy to clean and a super nice touch with the golden hardware on the iron feet.


As always, I truly hope you enjoyed this little breakdown of our cozy outdoor conversation area. I plan on doing renovation posts once a month just to discuss my progress. Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below or the live chat box on the right hand corner of your screen for a faster response.





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February 12, 2019

February 4, 2019

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February 4, 2019

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